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NannySure’s Founder, Justin Baram-Blackwell, has more than 15 years of experience working with children, from running a childcare center for more than 300 children, to managing a national program that helps school-age programs achieve national accreditation. He has also worked as a lead camp counselor, before-school and after-school program instructor, and youth programs lead. He is also the oldest of 5 children, 9 years older the second child and 16 years older the baby. Justin also volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters and, more than 10 years later, still keeps in touch with his “little” brother. As well as the oldest of 5 children. Justin’s dedication to children and caregivers lead him to start NannySure.


NannySure is unique and the first of its kind. NannySure’s mission is twofold to be a proactive deterrent to abuse and to support in home care providers. Unlike hidden cameras or private investigative services NannySure requires that caregivers be made aware that they will be observed and sends all reports to both the family and their care provider. NannySure offers both outside and inside of the home monitoring. For more information please check out

Tatyana Stonks-

Tatyana is a Simkin Center / Bastyr University trained Birth Doula and is working towards her certification with the (PALS) Pacific Association of Labor Support. She was born and raised in the Seattle area. After spending an accumulative 7 years working as a nanny, she realized her passion for prenatal and postnatal care for women. 

She believes every woman has a right to have a healthy pregnancy and give birth on her own terms, making informed decisions. She offers complete and whole-hearted support for mothers and fathers regardless of their birth preferences or personal beliefs. Her desire is to empower women and provide compassionate care, encouragement, and motivation for women seeking non-medical labors, epidurals, VBACs, and cesarean births. She is honored to support families through the journey of parenthood.

Our Inspiration: child + Friend was inspired by the growing market of professional entrepreneurs in Los Angeles. Their creativity, purpose, and expertise is unparalleled. child + Friend wants to to support their endeavors. As a company founded by a doula working with busy entrepreneurs, it was apparent that the needs of the parent and their baby stretch far beyond the day of birth. child + Friend frees parents to pursue their careers by providing trusted, experienced and reliable child care. We are here to support your family!

Jenna Ducato


Originally a transplant from the Bay Area, Jenna has called Seattle home for the past 18 years.  She resides in Ballard, and caters to clients in both Seattle and the Eastside, with occasional projects spanning outside of these areas.

Neatscapes© came to life when a life-long love affair with organizing spilled over into Jenna’s career. ​After 18+ years in online merchandising and digital program management for several of the Pacific Northwest’s top retailers, Jenna began to see and feel the benefits beyond organizing merchandise, projects, data and processes. It became clear to her that she could help bring calm and joy back into peoples' lives by bringing organization into their homes. Whether it’s helping busy families, or mom-to-be’s, Jenna understands how helpful organization can be toward brining families closer together, and making day-to-day living feel more manageable.  Clutter removal, space planning and organizing products all play valuable roles in the process.  Jenna works with her clients to understand what’s working well in the space(s), and what can be improved, by providing a thorough assessment that accounts for timing, budget, style preferences and clear end goals.    


Lucia Liepins-
Au Pair Consultant



Lucia a local childcare consultant and provide year-round support to host families and au pairs on the au pair program. She is avaialble to talk with  families considering au pair childcare to help them determine if this is the right childcare solution for them. I am a mother of 2 and experienced the life of an au pair in two different countries. This gives her a unique perspective and an insight into the program, with 9 years of experience as a local consultant.

Au pair childcare is a cultural exchange program offering a flexible alternative to other childcare options and in many communities is also surprisingly affordable. It allows you to open the world to your children and build new bridges and life long lasting friendships. Lucia enjoy's educating families about this form of childcare and am available to speak with any interested family or give a presentation to a parenting group or a class.

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