Available Positions

In compliance with federal law, all persons hired will be required to verify identity and eligibility to work in the United States and to complete the required employment eligibility verification document form upon hire.

Please note that these positions do not allow another child to be brought to the job.  If there is a position that would allow for that it will be noted in the ad. 

There is no cost to use The Nanny Consultant for your job search. 

 Part-Time Positions

wedgewood family assistant - nanny needed

A fun family in the Wedgwood area of Seattle is searching for a part time nanny/family assistant for their two children who are 8 and 10 years old. Both children are very intelligent and love spending time doing math, reading books, and playing chess. They are also big sports fans! As a family you can find them out hiking and enjoying the outdoors whenever possible. They value strong communication, directness and honesty, and a sense of humor. They do have a dog that is very much a part of their family, so dog lovers are encouraged to apply.

ABOUT THE NANNY: The perfect nanny for this family will be someone who is responsible and organized though someone who can also relax and have fun with their children running around outside, laughing and joking with them. Someone who can create a good routine and set clear boundaries while also bonding with their children would be wonderful. During the school year they would love for their nanny to work on a few household tasks like dishes, kids’ laundry, and general tidying before picking up the children from school and driving them to their various afterschool activities.

START DATE: September 1st

HOURS/DAYS: Monday – Friday, roughly 1pm/2pm-6pm/7pm

RATE: Up to $30 or more based on experience


-guaranteed hours

-accrued paid sick time

-paid holidays

-1 week PTO of the family’s choice and 1 week PTO of the nanny’s choice

COVID VACCINE: Must be vaccinated or willing to get vaccinated – non-negotiable.

bellevue family assistant - nanny needed

$500 signing bonus after completing 90 working days


A family in the Bellevue area is looking for an extraordinary nanny for their oldest daughter who is 5 though on occasion care could include her younger sister who is 2 and baby brother who is 3 months. Their daughters enjoy many things both inside and outside the home. You can find them singing, dancing, coloring, creating arts and crafts, running around, going to parks, biking, and scootering. They are both high energy and intelligent children who love to get outside and they need to be stimulated and have an outlet to get their energy out. They both are very caring and inquisitive. This family has two smaller pet beagles.

ABOUT THE FAMILY: This family really enjoys spending time with each other doing many things. Some of their favorites include getting outdoors, enjoying water activities, playing in the snow, visiting parks, going on bike rides, cooking together and baking together, and they love family movie night every Friday night. They truly value a good working relationship and will go above and beyond to make sure that the nanny is cared for and respected. They really value good communication and a positive (and hopefully long-term) connection with anyone who joins their family. Their last nanny (now good friend) was with them from the time their oldest was an infant and recently left to pursue a different career.

ABOUT THE NANNY: They are looking for a nanny who enjoys working with children of varying ages and has the ability to multitask and stay calm when things might seem busy with a lot of balls in the air. The nanny would mainly be in charge of their oldest, picking her up from school and bringing her home to work on school work. During this time, they would love it if the nanny would help with household duties like laundry, basic tidying, and picking up groceries. Having someone do simple meal prep for them would be wonderful, so someone who enjoys cooking and organization is important. Driving the children to their extra curricular activities would also be part of the nanny’s responsibilities.

“This family was a pleasure to work with because they treated me like family. Instead of simply watching their young girls, I felt as if I was helping to raise them. I felt integrated into their daily lives, which made it easy to care for their children each day. The energetic nature and playful personalities of the girls made each day fun and easy. My favorite activity to do with them was sing songs at the top of our lungs about things that would make them laugh. The girls are both cuddly, brilliant, and compassionate. Their oldest loves to help with chores, complete mazes you make for her, play at the park, and do anything that makes her feel like a big girl. Their youngest loves to be tickled, to be chased, and to mimic funny noises you make. Their parents are great communicators, understanding, and very kind.”

LENGTH: Ideally 2 years plus

HOURS/DAYS: Monday-Friday 2:00p-6:00p. With the option of additional babysitting hours if the nanny is interested

START DATE: Ideally, by the first week of August

RATE: Up to $35

COVID VACCINE: Must be vaccinated or willing to get vaccinated – non-negotiable


-guaranteed hours

-accrued paid sick time

-paid holidays including the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve

-a week PTO the nanny’s choice and a week PTO the parents’ choice,

 minivan to drive while on the job

wedgewood toddler nanny needed

A Family in the Wedgwood neighborhood is looking for a part-time Nanny/Family Assistant for their 2 daughters who are 5 and 3 years old. This family enjoys getting out and about together. They love to explore the city by going and grabbing a bite to eat, followed up by playing at a park or going for a walk. They encourage the kids to engage with the world around them through observation and even experiments.

This family enjoys a number of outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping. Both parents enjoy playing tennis alongside their girls while they make up their own fun little games on the tennis court. The girls really love to spend time playing together and love to make believe. They also love to play with their Magnatiles, Legos, stuffed animals, and creating little homes for them. They love listening to stories, reading and also doing arts and crafts. They are an environmentally conscious family and the girls enjoy using recycled items to create with. Both parents are fully vaccinated.

ABOUT THE NANNY: This family is looking for a Nanny/Family Assistant that is loving, kind and patient. They would also love for their nanny to be able to get down on the girls’ level and play with them. Being enthusiastic about playing and taking care of kids in general is very important to them. They are hoping that their nanny can come up with fun ideas to spark the kids’ imaginations in creative ways. Being professional, mature and organized are qualities that stand out to them. They would need for their nanny to be a great communicator and be able to join alongside them in helping their little humans grow, but also respect boundaries and their time together as a family and what they want for their kids.

HOURS: Tuesdays 12pm-6pm, Thursdays 2pm-6pm, and Saturdays 6pm-10pm every other weekend. Tues / Thurs length of hours could swap. Weekend time scheduling can be consistent or vary depending on nanny’s preference.

LENGTH: At least 1 year but would be interested in long term (2-3 years) for the right fit.

START DATE: Beginning of September

RATE: Up to $30 per hour


-Guaranteed hours

-Accrued paid sick time

-10 Paid holidays

-A week PTO the nanny’s choice and 3 weeks PTO the parents’ choice

COVID VACCINE: Must have Covid vaccine by the start of position, no exceptions.

capitol hill nanny needed

A return client of mine in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle is looking for an attentive and energetic nanny for their son who is 4 years old. Their son thrives when on a routine and truly enjoys getting outside rain or shine to explore and burn some energy. He also loves hiking, running, trains, puzzles, board games, dramatic play, planetary science/physics, and getting dirty. They have two senior corgis at home that he also adores. Parents are business professionals that are working from home for the foreseeable future. You can find them exploring the outdoors, conducting math/science experiments, and playing games especially if they have a riddle and some strategy.

They are looking for a nanny who will provide the right mix of stability and adventures (loves the outdoors), physical activity and creative play, and understands how important staying on routine is. They are looking for a nanny to be a positive role model that will show compassion and empathy. They desire a nanny that truly loves this profession and sees it as more than just a job. Other qualities they desire would be good communication skills, detailed oriented, positivity, organized, patient, warm, fun, and humorous.

HOURS: 25-30 hours weekly, Guaranteed 25 hours

SCHEDULE: 12:30 – 5pm if son is attending camp or preschool


RATE: Up to $30 commensurate with experience


-7 Paid Holidays (6 Federal plus 1 floating): New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Birthday,

-Paid Time Off: .04 Accrual Rate for every hour worked (2 weeks – 1-week family chooses, 1 week nanny chooses)

-Sick leave accrued per law

-Monthly health care reimbursement

-Monthly mobile stipend $35

-Tuition Reimbursement: $500

COVID VACCINE: Must be fully vaccinated before start date, no exceptions

 Full Time Positions

nanny needed in north seattle

A family of five in the Hawthorne Hill area of Seattle is looking for an extraordinary Nanny/Family Assistant for their three children ages 5, 3, and 10 months. This family came recommended by a wonderful client of mine. You can find them outside as often as possible. They like to spend time in the mountains skiing or camping and love being out Hood Canal to go clamming and crabbing. Their oldest is very imaginative and enjoys pretend play, dressing up, and role playing. Their 3-year-old loves following in her brother's footsteps and wants to play pretty much any game he's playing. She is also very imaginative and loves all her stuffed animals. They often find her "making cookies" and singing to herself. Their 10 month old is joyful and smiley. He is crawling all over the place and loves to explore. They have a minivan for the nanny to use. They have two sweet dogs, Gus (12) and Oakey (11), who are both medium sized herding dogs. They are potty trained and use the dog door throughout the day.

ABOUT THE NANNY: They are looking for a nanny that will be adaptable and flexible to whatever the day may bring – someone who will be ready to just dive in and be helpful. With this, that means someone who is competent and not easily overwhelmed and just makes it happen. Their ideal nanny is someone who is patient, kind, and thoughtful about how they communicate with children. Punctuality is also very important to this family. Someone who sees something needs to get done and finds the solution to whatever that may be. Lastly, someone who plans activities for the kids if they don't have school so they still get out of the house to get those wiggles out.


HOURS/DAYS: Monday through Friday, 8a to 5p with the option to travel

RATE: Up to $35/hour

LONGEVITY: At least 1 Year

COVID: Must be vaccinated or willing to get vaccinated – non negotiable


-Guaranteed hours

-Paid holidays

-Legally accrued paid sick leave

-One-week PTO of the family’s choice and one-week PTO of the nanny’s choice

nanny needed in northgate

A family of three in the Northgate area of Seattle is searching for a nanny for their new baby girl starting this fall. So far, their sweet baby is very happy, giving coos to everyone she sees. She will be around 4 months old when the nanny starts with her. They have an older cat who is very friendly and loving. These parents can be described as laid back though organized. They value good communication and honesty. During the pandemic mom worked on her piano skills and became a jigsaw puzzle pro and dad likes to spend some down time playing board games and video games when he gets the chance.

ABOUT THE NANNY: This family is seeking a professional infant nanny who is passionate about childcare and will bring warmth, joy, and love for their daughter into their home. They desire a nanny that will be excited to assist this little one to explore the world around her, encourage her to meet her milestones, and make wonderful memories with her. They would love to have someone who is responsible, organized, and will work together with the parents to raise their little one. They would love a nanny who will give suggestions and bring their knowledge and experience into their family.

START DATE: Late October to early November, though they are flexible for the right person


DAYS/HOURS: Monday-Friday, 8a -4p

RATE: Up to $28/hour

COVID: Must be vaccinated or willing to get vaccinated – non negotiable


-Guaranteed hours

-Paid holidays

-Legally accrued paid sick leave

-One-week PTO of the family’s choice and one-week PTO of the nanny’s choice

-Mileage reimbursement

columbia city nanny needed

A family in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle is looking for an incredible nanny for their 3-year-old daughter for the next year at a minimum. They have a sweet Formosan Mountain lab /Black Lab Mix who warms up to people quickly. They love spending as much time as possible outdoors. They love to go stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, and taking advantage of everything the PNW offers. Their daughter enjoys swinging, playing in the water, blowing bubbles, and reading. Care is mainly for their daughter though there may be a day a week where mom takes her on an outing and they would love for a nanny to fold laundry, sweep, and unload and load the dishwasher.

This family expressed that they are looking for a very reliable and punctual nanny. Someone who is patient as their daughter has a speech delay and needs someone to help her expand her language skills. The ideal candidate will be caring and loving – someone who brings warmth. Outdoorsy would be on the top of must haves as their little one likes getting out rain or shine.


RATE: Up to $32 DOE

DAYS: Tuesday-Friday

HOURS:8am-5:30pm. 1 week of travel per year


-Guaranteed hours

-Car while on the job

-Paid Holidays

-Accrued paid sick time at 1 hour for every 40 hours worked

-1 week PTO the parent choice and 1 week PTO the nanny choice

COVID VACCINE: Must be vaccinated before start date, non – negotiable

bothell nanny needed

A wonderful past client of mine in Bothell is looking for a Nanny for their two little ones, who are 3 years old and 5 months old. They are the sweetest family and I loved getting to help them find their first Nanny and I am excited to help find their next one!  Mom will be working from home and plans to breastfeed on demand for until the baby is at least 1 year old, so their Nanny must be comfortable with this. Baby has been practicing taking a bottle so the nanny can take her on outings or in case mom has an important meeting.  Big Sister is full of energy! She will be in preschool this year so their Nanny would need to be comfortable driving as they will need to do drop off and pickups. Pre-covid, their oldest loved going to gymnastics, swimming and music classes. She also loves going to playgrounds, reading, and meeting new friends. They enjoy going to the zoo, local museums and parks. Their youngest is a sweet and very happy baby and she is enjoying all the snuggles, sleeping, and eating. (While talking to mom I heard her babbling away). Duties include caring for the girls, doing household chores such as laundry, dishes, and grocery shopping. The parents would also like help navigating the 3-year old’s transition into full day preschool, the eventual end of her daily nap, and other developmental milestones and challenges.

This family wants a Nanny who is caring, patient, and confident and has past experience with both infants and older children. They are hoping for a Nanny that will get down on her level to play and engage with them. The ideal candidate enjoys playing outdoors and planning and executing age-appropriate craft projects and educational activities. They also want someone who is empathetic and kind. Someone who is gentle and would be willing to help set up a routine with them for their baby while keeping the routine they have for their 3-year-old.

START DATE: August 26th to beginning of September

HOURS/DAYS: Monday - Friday, 7:30-3:30, with occasional overtime to 5pm when Dad is out of town for work

LENGTH: Long term (3-4 years)

RATE: Up to $30


-Guaranteed hours

-Legally accrued sick time

-Paid holidays

-1 week PTO of the family’s choice, and 1-week PTO of the nanny’s choice

COVID VACCINE: Must be fully vaccinated by the start date, no exceptions

mill creek nanny needed

A sweet family in Mill Creek is searching for a loving and nurturing nanny for their son who is 8 months old. This little guy loves being read to and finding different things around the house to play with and learn about. He absolutely loves going outside and watching the world go by from his stroller. As a family you can find them exploring new places outdoors and are enjoying family that is visiting and currently caring for their son. They have a sweet older cat who is very friendly and loves all the attention.

ABOUT THE NANNY: Their ideal nanny will be an experienced infant nanny who is knowledgeable with developmental milestones that occur in a child’s first two years of life. Someone who is creative, engaging, and will come up with fun crafts and activities to do with him as he enters toddlerhood, would be wonderful.

START DATE: Flexible, between September and November would be ideal

HOURS/DAYS: Monday-Friday, 40 hours a week, standard working hours

RATE: Around $28/hour

LONGEVITY: 2-3 years

COVID: Must be vaccinated or willing to get vaccinated – non-negotiable


-Guaranteed hours

-Accrued paid sick time

-Paid holidays

-A week PTO the nanny’s choice and a week PTO the parents’ choice

-A car provided if needed

ravenna family assistant nanny needed

A wonderful family in Ravenna who came highly recommended to me is searching for a wonderful family assistant/nanny for their two children. These children are the best of the friends and enjoy spending time together. Their son is in 5th grade and has an old gentle soul. He is empathetic, intelligent, and thoughtful. If you ask him what he wants to do when he grows up, he will tell you all about his interest in dinosaurs and how he could see himself being a paleontologist one day. Their daughter is in 3rd grade and is full of creativity and is a true extrovert at heart! She enjoys singing, dancing, coloring, and would never turn down a playdate with her friends. This family loves getting out of the house together venturing out to the zoo, aquarium, and local parks. They enjoy spending time with friends, riding bikes, and having family movie nights.

With school starting in the fall, they would love for their nanny to complete some household duties before picking up the kids from school and driving them to their afterschool activities. Some of the tasks they would like the nanny to take on would be grocery shopping, laundry, dropping off packages, packing the children’s lunches for the next day and they would love to find someone who enjoys cooking and would like to prepare dinners for them – though, not a requirement. Right now, mom is very busy working and also finishing up her master’s degree in the evenings twice a week. Dad travels twice a month up to four days at a time. On those weeks, they will need their nanny to work extended hours so that mom can continue to make her evening classes.

ABOUT THE NANNY: This family’s ideal nanny will love spending time with their children and will also take initiative, jumping in and completing household tasks without needing to be micromanaged. They would love a nanny who is on the same page in developing and cultivating their children’s social and emotional skills, encouraging their children to identify and articulate their emotions is very important to them.

FROM THEIR PAST NANNY: Their past nanny said “Working for this family is wonderful. I instantly felt like part of the family. They are generous, organized, flexible and caring. (Child 1) and (child 2) are the sweetest kids and I miss them deeply.”

START DATE: Flexible, though by September 2021

DAYS/HOURS: Monday-Friday 1:00p-7:00p, though when dad travels it would be 1:00p-9:00p. They could offer more hours on Saturdays from 10:00a-4:00p if the nanny is interested or the nanny could start earlier Monday-Friday to complete household tasks.

RATE: Around $32


-Guaranteed hours

-Mileage reimbursement

-Paid holidays

-Legally accrued sick time

-1-week PTO of the family’s choice, and 1-week PTO of the nanny’s choice.

COVID VACCINE: Must be vaccinated or willing to get vaccinated – non negotiable.

edmonds family assistant nanny needed

A return client of mine in Edmonds is looking for an enthusiastic and fun nanny/family assistant for their two girls who are 3 and 1 years old. These little ones enjoy singing, dancing, and generally rocking out to good music, as well as learning about animals, exploring nature, and reading. As a family you can find them going on walks in the neighborhood, exploring parks in the area, going to the zoo, taking advantage of Seattle’s extensive culinary scene, traveling, and spending quality time with each other. They value hard work, good communication, kindness, and patience, and they feel these qualities are essential for building strong, healthy relationships within our family and beyond. They have the sweetest English bulldog, so dog lovers are encouraged to apply.

ABOUT THE NANNY: They are looking for a nanny that puts safety first and is truly interested in caring for their children. Their ideal nanny will be an active communicator, knowledgeable about childhood development, reliable, patient, and will have a go with the flow type of attitude. Both parents are busy professionals so they would love someone who wouldn’t mind doing extra duties around the house to keep things flowing smoothly. Some of the tasks they would like help with include laundry, light meal prepping, and general tidying. Picking up and dropping off their oldest from preschool will be part of this position, so reliable transportation is needed. They have established a wonderful relationship with their current nanny and are sad to see her go, though they are excited to find their next long-term nanny and hope to have them as a part of their family for many years to come.

START DATE: End of August through mid September 

LONGEVITY: Several years

HOURS/DAYS: Schedule below repeats every three weeks.

Week 1 M 6:30a to 5:30p, T 6:30a to 4:30 p, W 6:30a to 5:30p, Th OFF, F 6:30a -5p
Week 2 M 6:30a to 5:30p, T 7:30a to 12:00, W 6:30a to 5:30p, Th OFF, F 6:30a-5p
Week 3 M 6:30a to 5:30p, T 6:30a to 4:30 p, W 6:30a to 5:30p, Th 7:30 -12, Fri OFF

RATE: Around $33 per hour

COVID VACCINE: Must be vaccinated or willing to get vaccinated – non negotiable

-Guaranteed hours
-Paid holidays
-Legally accrued paid sick leave
-One-week PTO of the family’s choice and one-week of the nanny’s choice
-Mileage reimbursement