Available Positions

In compliance with federal law, all persons hired will be required to verify identity and eligibility to work in the United States and to complete the required employment eligibility verification document form upon hire.

Please note that these positions do not allow another child to be brought to the job.  If there is a position that would allow for that it will be noted in the ad. 


All completed applications will be reviewed and only qualified applicants will be contacted.  

There is no cost to use The Nanny Consultant for your job search. Please keep in mind that not all positions make it to the job board.  

Only 1 application needed even if you are interested in more than one position! 

All positions are legally paid positions!

Short Term Seattle Positions

bellevue nanny needed

A wonderful family in Bellevue is looking for a full-time nanny from May to August. They are a family with two boys ages 8 and 5. This family is truly wonderful; I have had the pleasure of babysitting for them and I have placed for them before. My dear friend was their nanny and if they could guarantee full time hours all year, she would work for them again without thinking twice. They both enjoy outdoor play - going to parks when allowed, going on short hikes, and riding bikes or scooters. They are a family that loves hockey and both play ice hockey. They also enjoy building Legos, creating art, playing board games, and reading. They have a cat in the home.

They are looking for a nanny that is energetic, kind, and will want to engage with them. They really value punctuality. Someone who doesn’t mind getting outside.

“This family is a family I will forever cherish in my career as a nanny. They are made up of every wonderful thing you could possibly think of including a few key traits such as; kind, respectful, genuine, compassionate, and FUN. The parents are amazing parents and their boys are total sweethearts.” – Nanny C

Start Date: Ideally around the beginning of May

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30a to 5p

Longevity: 4 months

Rate: Up to $22 an hour


Full-Time Seattle Positions

ballard nanny needed

A family in Ballard is looking for a nanny for their sweet baby girl who is currently 5 months of age though will be closer to 7mo when the position begins. They are family that I have worked with prior that is exiting a share and would like to have a nanny on their own. They are looking for around 30/35 hours though they are flexible how those hours land, it could be spread out over five days or over 4 days. The hours between 9a and 5p are desirable. They are a family that loves going for walks and getting fresh air. They are excited to take her on bigger adventures when she is bigger and Covid 19 is at bay. It would be ideal if a nanny had reliable transportation, though if necessary, they could figure this out. They have two indoor cats. They live within walking distance to many parks!

They are looking for a nanny that is loving, engaging, kind, and thoughtful. They are looking for a nanny that will offer this family the best and complete care for their daughter with love, nourishment, and guidance; and to make sure the health, well-being, education and safety of their daughter is never jeopardized.

Start Date: Ideally around the beginning of June

Hours: Flexible, 30 to 35 hours

Longevity: 1 year

Rate: Up to $25 an hour

Benefits: Guaranteed hours, mileage reimbursement, legally accrued sick leave, paid holidays that land during this time, 1-week PTO the parent’s choice and 1-week PTO the nanny’s choice.


woodinville nanny needed

A Woodinville family is searching for a really amazing caregiver for their 18-year-old daughter with Cerebral Palsy. Their daughter who I loved meeting, is super sweet, funny, and kind. Their daughter Drew loves everything any other teen would love to do like music, eating out, shopping, and enjoying college life. This role is one where you would attend college with her, she would like to have a friend to go with and no longer bring mom to school. She attends Bellevue College and their caregiver would need to drive her to school in their van that is easy to navigate and take notes for her during class. She will need this person to write out the answers to her homework and assist her with her quizzes and exams. She communicates in many ways and using her voice is her first choice. After only spending 20 minutes with her I could already understand some words. She also uses a letter board mounted on her tray and she has a speech generating device. There could be some hours outside of college, helping her run errands, meet up with friends, taking her to appointments and basically assisting her to live as independent a life as she can. Drew is fun loving, easy going and genuinely a joy to be around.   You do not need to have any training or experience for this job and additional hours could be provided.

During the time of classes being held online the hours will be less as there will be no driving. Once classes are back the position will be closer to 35/40 hours.

From Drew: My name is Drew.  I have Cerebral Palsy.  How can I describe CP?  I basically have the body of an extremely drunk person and the mind of a completely sober person.  I use a wheelchair and I have a severe speech impediment. I am looking for a caregiver that is just as fun loving and sarcastic as me.  Don’t take me too seriously  This job is not for the faint of heart.  I will need help with daily living activities such as feeding and bathroom assistance as well as physically completing my college coursework and attending classes, but I assure you, I’ll make it fun!!!  My hobbies are baking, socializing and watching TV.  I look forward to meeting you. 

Hours: 25 to 30 hours per week

Start Date: June 1st would be ideal, though they can accommodate an earlier start date or a later start date.

Rate:  Around $25 per hour, during an exam or quiz the college also pays the caregiver an additional wage.

Benefits:  Guaranteed hours, 2 weeks PTO, paid holidays, and accrued paid sick time.

Longevity:  Long term.


burien - normandy park house manager needed

$500 Signing Bonus!


A wonderful family in the Burien/Normandy Park area is looking for a House Manager-Nanny for their family of four. They have an almost 5-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy. They are a family that really enjoys time spent together and they find when they are not working that a good portion of their time is spent doing all the things that comes with a family and they would really love that time to be spent hanging out with one another. Their daughter loves art, dance, performing, singing, playing pretend, reading, and playing with her dolls. She is in dance class too! Their son is a sensitive soul that loves all things sports, Pokemon, Lego, and Star Wars. He is in basketball currently. As a family you can find them going on adventures near and far, playing games, having a movie night, walking the beach (super close), going to the park, and reading together.

First and foremost, the are seeking a nanny that truly loves working with children and is excited about a role that moves from nanny to house manager seamlessly. Someone who loves their children to the moon and back and can be moms right hand person is encouraged to apply. They are looking for a nanny that is cautious and puts safety first. Ideally this person would someone that enjoys keeping busy and could be described as organized, go getter, forward – thinker, active, and reliable.

Start Date: Ideally within the next couple months.

Hours: Monday through Friday, 40 hours a week with a start time of 7:30a, though Friday could be a later start time.

Longevity: A minimum 1 year

Rate: Up to $27 per hour

Benefits: Guaranteed hours, mileage reimbursement, legally accrued sick leave, paid holidays, and 1-week PTO the family’s choice and 1-week of the nanny’s choice.

Part-Time Positions Under 40 Hours

georgetown nanny needed

A mother in Georgetown is looking for a three day a week nanny/household manager as her current nanny is transitioning down to two days a week. This family includes mom, a 4-year old boy, and a baby girl due in June! The boy is in preschool 4 mornings a week and spends half his time at his other mom’s home. He loves his friends and playdates and is excited to be a big brother. He enjoys creating with Legos, playing with his Cars themed characters, and racing around the house! He and his mom enjoy taking vacations, going on hikes, and doing yoga together. They frequently visit parks, farmers markets, and even take care of a P-Patch community garden together during the summer months.

Their current nanny has been with them four years and although she is moving down to two days a week she raves about them and is still very much invested in their family. She says; “I have been with this family since their son was 4 months old. They have treated me with respect and have welcomed me as a part of their family since day one. Their four-year-old is super well behaved and is excited about his new baby sister making her appearance this summer!”

Most of the care will be for the new baby, and less time with the oldest, though some preschool drop-offs and picks-ups may be needed. This mom is searching for a nanny who is a team player and who is comfortable working alongside her while she is on maternity leave (throughout the summer months). Taking care of their new baby girl is first and foremost though she would also like a nanny to take on some household manager tasks to help keep the house running smoothly. Grocery shopping, dishes, laundry, some pet care, and other miscellaneous errands are some of the duties she is asking for. Someone who is punctual, reliable, communicative, caring, and proactive is so important. This family has a dog and a cat; both of which are hypoallergenic.

Start Date: Mid to late June

Days: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday’s

Hours: 8:00a-5:00p

Longevity: Long term!

Rate: Up to $28/hour

Benefits: Guaranteed hours, legally accrued sick leave, mileage reimbursement, paid holidays, one week vacation the parents’ choice and one week the nannies choice.

north kirkland nanny needed

A family in North Kirkland is looking for a nanny for their adorable son who is almost 1 1/2. This family just moved here recently from Florida and is really enjoying a slower paced life that the PNW can offer. Their son is needing a caregiver on Thursdays and ideally a second day for ½ the day. They were really lucky to have such a wonderful nanny in Florida who was really great with him and loved him unconditionally and they are looking to repeat that experience. He is a bit shy and needs someone who understands him. They are looking for someone that would love to get him out on walks to the local park and provide him with enrichment activities in the home though reading, music, and play. Ideally this person could begin right away though they understand it can take time to find the right fit. A nanny that is nurturing, calm yet energetic, kind, patient, reliable, and a good communicator would be characteristics that they are looking for in a nanny.

Start Date: Ideally March 12th or sooner.

Hours: Thursdays from 8a to 6p and flexible on the other ½ day if the nanny has availability.

Longevity: Long term, minimum one year.

Rate: Around $25 per hour.

Benefits: Guaranteed hours, mileage reimbursement, legally accrued sick leave, paid holidays, and 1-week PTO the family’s choice and 1-week of the nanny’s choice.

fremont nanny needed

A family in Fremont is looking for a nanny for their infant son who is 3 months.  This family works shifts that are not a typical schedule as they are doctors. They can guarantee some hours though some weeks it may be one day and other weeks a few days, they do know their schedule in advance. This position would be great for a nanny that is looking to pick up some extra shifts. They are also interested in joining a nanny share that way a nanny could get more hours if they needed that. They are a laid back family that enjoys art, time outdoors, and their friends!

They are seeking someone who has a vast amount of infant experience with knowledge of developmental milestones and activities that will occur in this first year of baby’s life. They are looking forward to having a nanny for their son who is attentive, trustworthy, and has great maternal instincts. Their Ideal nanny will spend time with their son reading, going on walks, and coming up with creative age appropriate activities for them to do during their time together.

Rate:  $25

Start Date: Flexible, could start a few shifts in April and May or extended to a June start

Hours: Variable though part time

Benefits: Some guaranteed hours and accrued paid sick time.

They are open to discussing other benefits.

bellevue morning nanny needed

Are you a morning person? If so, a family located in the Spiritridge neighborhood of Bellevue is looking for a before school Nanny for our two daughters 12 and 10. Their daughters would love to have a kind nanny willing to engage with them in learning and adventure. They are imaginative and fun-loving girls who love reading, art, and science experiments. They are looking for someone who is willing to help them get ready for the school day, to provide structure to their morning, as well as drop them off at their schools.

This family is needing care Monday - Friday from 7:00a to 9:00a, effective immediately (their current nanny had to part ways due to illness in the family). They will not need care during the summer as mom works for the school district though they would welcome the same nanny back the following school year though not a must.

They will be guaranteeing hours and will be offering 1-week PTO the nannies choice and 1-week PTO the parents’ choice, accrued paid sick time, holiday pay, mileage reimbursement, and around $23+/- an hour DOE.

kirkland nanny needed

A family in Kirkland is searching for an afternoon nanny for their two children whom are 5 (boy) and 2 (girl) four days a week. You can find this family going on day trips, visiting parks, and visiting Hawaii at least once a year. They love a good work life balance and hoping their nanny can help them with this as their oldest starts Kindergarten. The children enjoy swimming, karate, t-ball, and playing both inside and outside the home. This role could just be childcare based or more of a family assistant role for a higher rate. They have a friendly indoor pet cat.

They are looking for a reliable, proactive, and energetic nanny who loves being around children and thrives off the children’s energy. They are looking for a nanny that has a good driving record and always puts safety first. Ideally this person would be someone who enjoys being helpful and is a forward thinker.

Days: 4 days week

Start: ASAP

Hours: 1:30p to 5:30p

Rate:Up to $27

Benefits: They are offering accrued paid sick time, paid holidays if they land on a working day, 1-week PTO the parent’s choice and 1-week PTO the nanny’s choice, and mileage reimbursement.

rainer beach nanny needed

A wonderful mother and past client of mine is seeking a part time nanny in the Rainer Beach area of Seattle for her 4 year old son. His current obsession is with the cars movie characters and he would love a nanny who will crash cars with him and will help him put together LEGO sets. He is very emotionally intelligent and loves using his imagination. This mom and son duo enjoy their time together by traveling and spending quality time with family friends. They also have a sweet old dog who will require no care from the nanny.


Their long term nanny says “This family has treated me like a member of their family since day one, four years ago. Their son is full of energy, light, and laughter (he’s truly a blast to hang out with). Any nanny who has the pleasure of working for them will be lucky!”


They are seeking a nanny who is reliable, energetic and very loving. This nanny’s work day will start by picking up the four year old at preschool, driving him home, putting him down for a nap, and playing with him for an hour or so before mom gets home at the end of the day. Eventually, when he cuts his nap - the nanny is encouraged to fill the afternoon with activities, outings, crafts, etc.

Start Date: Preferably the end of February, but they have some flexibility.

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, and Friday 1:00p-5:00p, though can offer 15 hours.

Rate: Up to $27 per hour.

Longevity: They hope to find someone long term.

Benefits: Guaranteed hours, paid holidays, legally accrued paid sick leave, mileage reimbursement, 1 week PTO the families choice and 1 week PTO if the nanny’s choice.

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