Kyla Lopez Perkins


With a passion for children at a very young age, Kyla Lopez-Perkins, owner and founder of The Nanny Consultant™, LLC. started babysitting at just 11 years old, at 17 she was becoming the nanny extraordinaire taking on the position as a Nanny/Household Manager. At 31, she decided to start The Nanny Consultant™ business, educating, supporting and inspiring nannies all over the US to become the next nanny extraordinaire.  Kyla  provides parents with the tools to find and support their nanny, she will even help them find their own version of Mary Poppins with the package Help, I Need a Nanny.  Kyla is the founder of several Nanny Connection's and Parent Nanny groups. Seattle Nanny Connection being the largest.  Kyla has taken courses in Positive Reinforcement, Brain Development, SIDS, A.D.D., Oral Care, Food Allergies, Infant Care, Outdoor Safety, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Children and Divorce, Getting Hired and Starting a Healthy Working Relationship, Child Nutrition and Raising Healthy Eaters, How Sleep Affects Health and the STARS course.  She also attended the National Nanny Training Day in 2013 and 2016. In 2016, she attended Nannypolozza in Orlando and Nanny Jamboree in Vancouver B.C.  In 2017, she is attended a Newborn Care Specialist training and spoke at Nanny Jamboree.   In her spare time she attends several parenting seminars, enjoy's giving back to the community as often as possible and spending time with her husband, her daughter, and baby boy born in 2018. 


Kyla is from the Pacific Northwest and has spent a year in Southern California.  She now resides in Bothell, WA with her husband, daughter, son, and two pups.  


"The process of finding a nanny was seriously overwhelming for me. The second I was referred to The Nanny Consultant I felt relieved. Kyla is friendly, knowledgable, and very professional. It is so clear that this is where her passion lies that I could take great comfort in knowing she would do all she could to find us the right fit. I will always use TNC for any future nanny needs!"  Shannon B.


"Kyla is absolutely amazing and a true asset to the nanny community. A relative newbie to the profession, I came to her needing advice and guidance. Meeting with her immediately put me at ease. Her wealth of knowledge gave me the tools needed to become a better employee and caregiver and I have been happier about my career choice than ever! She truly cares about her clients and her love of nannying shines through in everything she does. I highly recommend Kyla to any nanny or parent needing consulting services." Nicole C.


"I avoided hiring a nanny for the past 2 years because I didn't know someone like Kyla existed. I just didn't have the time to make sure a nanny met all my requirements, conduct interviews, and find someone that would love my son just as much as I do. It's hard for me to trust, and knowing how much Kyla values her business and her clients really led me to take a chance and I'm so glad I did. She placed us with a nanny without too long of a wait, and she found someone that's a really good fit for our family and the gentle parenting style we have. I love that Kyla provides contracts and paperwork that I would've never even considered (such as medical waivers, permission to drive my child, etc), and I'm going into this so much more prepared and excited than I would if I had found someone off Facebook or Craigslist. She really is the best at what she does, and I love how put-together and professional she is! I will be using her again should we ever need to, and I will definitely be referring all of my friends to her." Samantha L.


"My husband and I were struggling to find a wonderful nanny to join our family.  We posted an ad on a popular childcare website and spent our evenings reviewing applications or calling references, and weekends interviewing nannies for a month+.  Even with all that work, we were not finding the right person.  We really needed our time back, and that is when we found the Nanny Consultant.  Kyla met with us at our home to get a feel for our family, what we needed, and what type of nanny might fit with us.  Kyla did all of the time consuming work on our behalf - posted ads, reviewed resumes, conducted interviews via phone and face-to-face to make sure that nannies were up to par, called insurance agents, conducted reference checks, and gathered documents.  We met with two great candidates that Kyla sent our way and hired one as our nanny. Overall, Kyla's help with the overwhelming and emotional search for a nanny helped us find someone who is a wonderful fit for us.  She was knowledgeable, very responsive, and her fee is very reasonable compared to most nanny placement agencies!"  Rachel S.


"I began the search for nannies several months before my now 2.5yr old was born.  It has been been an incredibly time-consuming and worrisome process as caregivers have come and gone since, requiring significant hours, effort, and leaps of faith to eventually find whoever seems best qualified at the time.  After a particularly negative experience recently, I contacted Kyla for help.  From the start, she was professional, empathetic, energetic, and fully committed to providing the service and finding the care my family needs.  She invested time to get to know our family and turned that into a effective and efficient process to find a great match.  As a hard-working professional with limited budget and time, I appreciate Kyla's clear and consistent communications; persistence in driving to the best end result; and her passion and follow-through to educate and ensure a great experience for families and nannies alike.  I will not waste time or effort or take a leap of faith to find caregivers for my child again--Kyla will be the first and only person I call.  Any family that wants to take the burden and guess-work out of finding care for their children would be well-served to do the same." Cynthia L.


"Kyla is great at what she does.  The process of finding a nanny was very simple with Kyla.  She connected us with a perfect fit nanny and held our hands through the contract process.  We found our dream nanny thanks to Kyla." Mary Beth M.


"We recently moved to a new town. With one week until the start of school and in desperate need of securing a before and after school care for my 7-year old twins, I turned to The Nanny Consultant, Kyla Lopez. Within days Kyla had found a great nanny for us! She had even interviewed her and checked references for me! 


We continue to turn to Kyla for great ideas on kid-appropriate activities around town and parent resources. We love The Nanny Consultant!"   -Ginger T.


"I recently used Kyla's services to find a new part time nanny.  We have unique hours, three kids and live outside the city so finding someone could prove challenging.  Kyla quickly sent us two strong candidates that she thoroughly reviewed  for us within a short period of time!  We are are so grateful for her professionalism and care on this most important decision."  -Amy A.


"Before I met Kyla, the Nanny Consultant I had been searching for the perfect family to work for. I had no idea where to start. I was searching craigslist tirelessly for at least a month before I came across one of The Nanny Consultant's ad. I applied on a whim, within a half hour I received an email from Kyla wanting to meet that day!  Her promptness was like nothing I had worked with before. As soon as we met it was a connection! She matched me with the greatest family within a week. Kyla understands the nanny's needs just as much as the family's. When I started working for the family, her help didn't stop there. They were new to town and Kyla made sure the twins had plenty of playdates with new friends. From promptness to follow through, Kyla is a great person to work with!" -Emily R.


"Kyla is amazing!  She was the first non-family member we trusted enough to watch our son and we love her!  She is very professional, reliable, and always on time if not early.  She demonstrates her expertise in child care and she’s got a huge heart, too!  Kyla also helped us find our new nanny whom we love!  Kyla is well-connected in the nanny marketplace and she is an expert in her field."  -Melissa

and Mike G.


"I can't say enough good things about Kyla, The Nanny Consultant. Thank you so much!

Even as a career nanny (7 years full-time and several summers in high school and college), it can be very difficult to find a family that would be a perfect fit. Prior to meeting Kyla, I'd been working full-time (45-50 hrs/week) in a nanny-share for the past five years (July 2009 to Oct. 2014), but because of a job change and a new baby, they weren't going to be able to employ me anymore. Even though I had about six months notice, I was having a very difficult time finding a family that was looking for the same hours, schedule, duties, and expectations that I had. I was combing through, Urbansitter, and Craigslist every day looking for new postings. 

I knew of Kyla through a nanny group on Facebook, and on a whim -- or maybe out of panicked desperation -- I contacted her to see if she knew of any good families that were seriously looking for a nanny in the greater Seattle area. In the past I've had some bad experiences with "agencies" to the point where I feel like it's a dirty word, so I was extremely reluctant to work with a consultant. Let me tell you, this was a night-and-day experience. 

I sent Kyla a message late in the evening, and she responded almost immediately. We set up a time to talk over the phone the next business day. When we talked, she listened to my needs, expectations, and concerns. She never once made me feel like my needs or expectations were "too much" or "unrealistic" (things I've heard in the past in spite of my long-term experience working with families having the same needs and expectations). After talking on the phone for nearly an hour, we met in person, shared some frozen yogurt, and talked about a family in the area that she thought would be a good fit for me. She talked with them and helped set up an interview with the family. 

I met the family a week later. Their needs and expectations matched mine perfectly! I've been working with them for six weeks now, and I've never had such a seamless transition to a new family ever before. Things have been truly wonderful so far. In my mind, it all boils down to the fact that Kyla listened to my needs and their needs and matched us because our needs were the same rather than pressuring the nanny into making major adjustments to his/her needs -- needs, not wants -- in order to fit the needs of the family (which is what "agencies" do). 

Kyla is such a wonderful person, and all of the other nannies (and families) I've connected with through her have been wonderful. I'm very excited to watch her business grow, and I wouldn't hesitate to ask for her help again in the future, though it looks like it's going to be a long time before that's going to happen. :)"  -Laura E.


"Kyla brings much heart, insight and experience to the services she provides. I first met her at an inspiring Nanny Education Workshop she led last spring and found her to be enthusiastic, deeply caring, helpful and knowledgable. The workshop itself was highly professional and informative. She wants the best for the nannies and families she serves and gives generously of her time, expertise and talent to make sure everyone feels connected, valued and supported. She is also great about researching and sharing a wide variety of educational and support resources. Kyla is a true heartfelt pioneer in this work and I highly recommend her services to both nannies and families in search of the perfect match." Teri W.


"This fall we found ourselves needing to quickly find a new professional full time nanny for our two - soon to be three - kids.  We have had two long term placement nannies and knew that quality nannies are important, hard to come by and finding the right one has a lot to do with "fit" for the nanny and the family.  We have used two other nanny services to find our previous nannies - the first we loved, but was located in another state, the second wasn't a great fit for our family.  When we were faced with this quick timeframe, sad kids who were saying goodbye to a nanny they loved and hectic work schedules, we turned to Kyla at The Nanny Consultant.  

She was so responsive and with us every step of the way.  She clearly knows people and knows what families and nannies need.  I felt she took the time to listen to us and to understand what we were looking for in our next nanny.  Because of her deep network and her easy ability to connect with people, she quickly vetted several nannies and gave us the opportunity to interview the top candidates.  We connected almost immediately with one of the candidates and Kyla helped us all get through the contract negotiations and sign on the dotted line.  This is now our first week with our new nanny.  

I am thankful for Kyla.  I hope that we will have our current nanny for a long time and not need Kyla's services again for a while.  I will, however, be sharing with anyone I know who is looking for a nanny or nanny service the amazing job Kyla does for her clients and the nanny community. 

As a final note, if you are new to using nanny services and are at all taken by surprise at the costs, please know it is worth every penny and that Kyla is incredibly reasonable with her pricing. I consider the price point an extra bonus because honestly if price where not in the equation I would still select her services next time I am looking for a nanny in the Seattle area." Kate P.


"I found Kyla through a local Mom blog and "marked" her down to contact if we ever needed a new Nanny.  Weeks later we found out our nanny was leaving and we were back in the market.  I immediately reached out the Kyla and set up a meeting.  She was fantastic to work with.  She understood our family and our needs and found us the perfect fit.  We look forward to welcoming our new nanny in a few weeks and appreciate all the help from Kyla.  We will definitely use her and refer her to our friends in the future!" Stacie M


"Kyla was wonderful to work with! She was very responsive to my application as a nanny and made it easy for me to find a perfect-fit family. Kyla helped with the communication, the contract, and was extremely supportive throughout the process. I definitely recommend using The Nanny Consultant and working with Kyla." Shila H.


"Truly amazing service! Working with Kyla has been a delight! She is most concerned about finding the right fit for families and nannies. In only a week and a half she found me a great family, that I'm very excited to work with!" Hillary K.


"Kyla was amazing! I sent her an email applying for a nanny position on Craigslist and she got back to me within the hour! She asked for a resume and references and met with me the next day! Within a day she had made connections with all my references and I got the job! She makes you feel like you are top priority and she's she's so sweet, down to earth, and genuine! I would highly recommend her to help anyone looking for a nanny position or a family looking for a nanny. Thanks again Kyla! :)"  Annie B.


"We relocated from across the country and with the new school schedule figured we needed some after school help. Kyla was recommended to us and found us a fantastic part-time person to help out! We didn't know what we needed exactly but she did all the work! Wrote the Ad, reviewed applications, contacted references, reviewed resumes, everything!! We had two perfect candidates quickly. She is very easy to work with, understands the industry and was very helpful when we need to reach out to her about a last minute schedule change and how to proceed with our Nanny. All around great and very supportive. I was also impressed that she screen US to be sure we would be a good family for our future Nanny! Highly recommend working with her as a family looking for help and as a Nanny looking for work!" K.P.


"Kyla went out of her way to let me know of a family in need of a nanny and I am so thankful for that! She was such a joy to talk to and just from an hour conversation at starbucks I could tell she was very passionate about what she does. Kyla was prompt and professional and I would absolutely recommend Kyla for anyone in search of a nanny." Brittany K.


"Kyla was FANTATIC to work with!  I was in a huge pinch and she was able to find me a nanny w/in a week and things are working out great!  Thank you Kyla!!" Julie P.


"I was preparing to conclude a 6 1/2 year position with my nanny family and was beginning some research when I came across a Nanny Portfolio class being offered by Kyla Lopez at the Nanny Consultant. I had no idea about how to create a portfolio or that I honestly needed one-but it made sense to see what it was about. After taking Kyla's class, I realized the importance of a portfolio while I was job (family) searching. 
I received  several compliments on my portfolio and website and landed the perfect New Family to grow with. Kyla was so supportive during and after the class-answering so many of my questions and calming my concerns. She provided great advice, reference materials and was my cheerleader. 
Kyla also does great work throughout the community by volunteering, creating events for nannies and just being pretty amazing. I'm so blessed to have her in my cheerleading section and I hope she knows I'm in hers also. 
#NanniesRock" Mrs. O


"Me and my family recently needed to hire a nanny in a pinch as I started my new job soon after I was offered a position.  Kyla was very honest with us and told us that it could take weeks to help us find the right fit as she makes sure that the Nanny is 100% the one for us.  Kyla quickly set up a meeting to meet our family and had ads running that evening.  Within 2 weeks Kyla sent us the most amazing nanny that we are so grateful for.  We loved that Kyla runs a small business and even though she is busy she personally got right back to us unlike other agencies we have worked with in the past.  We also feel that she really took the time to get know us which we believe really helped us in finding the perfect fit.  She also provided us with every document a parent could ever need.  Overall we highly recommend her!"  Anthony C.


"We had tried to run a search by ourselves for awhile and were run ragged by it, not to mention that we had to fire the person we found within the first two weeks. That's when I learned about Kyla and we decided to use her business to re-do our search. It was such a weight off of our shoulders to let her run the search, and wound up hiring someone through her who is still working for us now and has proven to be a reliable and caring nanny. Plus, using Kyla's business also helped me feel more confident that we were covering all our bases with appropriate contracts. Kyla's application process was more thorough than our own had been, which helped me feel more like I knew what I was getting when I finally met our candidate(s) in person. What we saved in stress and energy by hiring her was totally worth the [reasonable] price we paid." Carrie M.


"Kyla has been great since we just had our newborn baby boy in finding us relief for a nighttime nanny to help my wife and I get some much needed sleep. I would highly recommend her. Fast prompt and our nanny is awesome. Thanks for all the help."  Brandon H.


"Kyla was the greatest help I could ask for when looking for a nanny position. She really encouraged me to do what was best for me when choosing a family to work with, and helped make sure I would be working in an environment that was right for me, with a family that I really meshed with, getting the benefits I deserved. She went above and beyond to make me (someone out of the nanny world for a few years) feel included in the nanny community in our area and she offers so many resources that I feel like I can take on anything the little bundle of joy I get to care for will throw at me." Isla C.


"Working with Kyla has been the easiest process I have encountered in my career, thus far.  I first met Kyla online through a local Nanny group she created. She hosts monthly Nanny meet-ups and when we met in person for the first time, we hit it off! She is a very sweet, outgoing, and caring individual. That being said, I'm sure you can understand why she was such a great person to work with when finding my new position.

Kyla is professional, attentive, trusting, and genuinely cares for you and your needs in this career field. She is very experienced-which is refreshing for those who may not be as experienced.

To say I am pleased with her services is an understatement-she has gone above and beyond my expectations! I would use Kyla's services again, should I need them in the future." Christine M.


"While searching for a new Nanny position I originally was overwhelmed and nervous about who I would be a good fit with, since meeting Kyla I felt she asked the perfect questions to clear up my nanny style and preferences as well as eased my nerves by placing me with a family I feel welcomed by and at home with. Thankful for such an honest, passionate professional in this industry!" Megan V.


This is what's being said about The Nanny Consultant:

 I wanted the thank you again for helping me redo my reply paragraph.
Since doing that, I have gotten more replies from families, phone interviews and in person interviews.

"She has never been anything but reliable, energetic, and positive.  She has a magic  way with both kids and our dog."  -Ginger T.



What do the parents say about her as a Professional Nanny?












"She is absolutly wonderful with my children and they adore her.  She has an incredible drive to succeed.  She goes well above and beyond."  -Raquel G.

"She is competant, creative, energetic and punctual.  She set's boundaries and adheres to the values of the house appropriatly." -Heather B.

"Kyla impressed us from the start with her organization and professionalism.  She takes her job very seriously, but still knows how to win the hearts of the children."- Piper S.

"Kyla is kind and thoughtful.  She is gentle, but firm with the children she cares for.  She sets clear rules and high expectations, but is never harsh.  The children respond well to her approach and rarely misbehave while she is watching them."- Angie G.

Kyla possesses such a confidence, making both the children and the parents feel at ease with her care.  She is extremely reliable and punctual. Kyla has such a love for life and children , and the two easily intermix.  She is always ready for a new adventure and is very imaginative and playful.  -Alison S.

"Kyla was immensely loving and engaging with our children. She was not only our nanny, but an integral part of our family.  In addition to nuturing our children's kindness, playfulness and creativity, Kyla was pivotal in enabling my partner and I to balance work, family and life.  She goes over and above every day!" -Jaime T-G.

"Kyla has a gift with children and knows how to care and love them so that they thrive.  Kyla is an excellent child care provider.  Kyla is full of energy.  Kyla is a neat freak and I say this with a compliment." -Jill H.

" She incredibly reliable, ALWAYS shows up on time and most day's early!  She is proactive about scheduling playdates and outing's as well as projects around the house while the kids are napping, like organizing toys and cupboards, which is very helpful to a busy family." -Shelly W.

Kyla is reliable, trustworthy, high energy and affectionate.  She is also well versed in child development, and has a natural affinity toward children.  She relates to our children in such a delightful way, turning practically everything into a fun game." -Lisa G.

"She is patient, loving and teaches the kids proper behavior.  As someone who helps keep our family organized and moving smoothly, she is attentive to detail and always looking for ways to help us optimize our situation.' -Amy A.

She genuinely loves the children she cares for and enjoy's being a part of there lives.  Kyla is extrememly punctual.  My two two children adore Kyla." -Joya C.

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