The Nanny Consultant offer's a variety of services from nanny placements that are 6mo plus to providing advice, contracts, and more. She will do summer placements for the months of June to August.   Kyla does not provide short term placements or on-call services at this time, though she works closely with  Sound Care Agency whom provides quality back up care.  Kyla provides placements of Household Managers, Family Assistants, Doulas,  Postpartum Doulas. and Newborn Care Specialists.


Kyla offers assistance to families looking for a Nanny Share.  This service does not include help finding a Nanny, it will only include help to find another family.  As the cost of nannies are now $23 plus per hour, you can have the option of nanny share which for most is much more affordable.  Nanny shares depending on the area are anywhere from $26 to $34 per hour which equals $13 to $17 per hour per family.  A nanny share is when two families come together and utilize the nanny at the same time.  You can find more information on her Nanny Share page.  You can also find listings under the Nanny Share page as well.

Newborn Care Specialists and Postpartum Doulas are very similar and often times the lines are crossed between the two in the role that they play though very different. Though both have different courses they take to become certified. Both have a vast amount of infant experience and are available for both day time, evening, and overnight shifts. Kyla has hand selected what she feels are the cities best NCS and PP Doulas to refer on to her clients.  She can also refer Birth Doulas to my clients as well who will be there for you every step of the way through your pregnancy and birth. 

There is one-time $400 referral fee if you hire a NCS, PP Doula, or Doula from The Nanny Consultant These specialists have their own fees and have a contract they will sign with you. They are all independent contractors.

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