The Nanny Consultant offers a variety of services from nanny placements to providing advice, contracts, and more. Kyla has you covered for short term placements during this time of the Covid-19.  She also does summer placements for the months of June to August.  Kyla provides placements of Household Managers, Family Assistants, Doulas, Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists.

Covid - 19 - During this time of uncertainty Kyla is helping families by providing them with short term care. The fee structure is different than a long term placement.  The process for screening is no different (see below under Long Term Placements). The initial fee one time fee $150 and the placement fee is $1200 for every 3 months up to a year.  If you need to extend the contract with your nanny you may do so for another 3 months if your nanny is available at $1200. If your nanny is not available we would launch a new search.

Long Term Placements - The Nanny Consultant Kyla provides long term placements of Nannies, Family Assistants, and Household Managers. There is a non-refundable search fee of $400 that is due upfront in order to begin the placement process. She offers a 2 tier placement pricing system which include:​

  • 120-day guarantee for $2600

  • 180-day guarantee for $3600


During the time of guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with your nanny or the nanny is no longer available to accommodate your families agreed upon needs, Kyla will find a new candidate for you free of charge.

Kyla will provide a free consultation at first to get to know you and your family better and to see how she can best assist you.  This consultation will last about 1 hour and she will go over all your needs to find you the absolute best fit for you and your family!  This is either done in the home or over all call, depending on schedules and how soon the client needs a care provider. 

  1. She will create a job description that has your family’s values and ideas in mind. Often times the families assist in this process.

  2. Kyla will then post ads to a variety of platforms and be in touch with her pool of nannies.

  3. Kyla will then begin to gather the applicant's info including; applications, cover letters, resumes, written references, degrees, certifications, proof of immunizations, driving records, and any other information an applicant would like to share.  This information is transparent, her client's see everything she sees.

  4.  She does provide a background check  and driving record through Checkr.

  5. She will conduct an internet search including many social media platforms.

  6. She will have each applicant fill out a list of questions that are provided to the parents as well.

  7. Kyla will meet with the applicants.

  8. 2-5 reference checks are done and all her clients view these. 

  9. Kyla will provide all documents needed to create a strong relationship with your nanny including a parent nanny contract, social media agreement, and a cell phone policy.

Nanny Shares - Kyla offers assistance to families looking for a Nanny Share.  This service does not include help finding a Nanny, it will only include help to find another family.  As the cost of nannies are now $23 plus per hour, you can have the option of nanny share which for most is much more affordable.  Nanny shares depending on the area are anywhere from $27 to $34 per hour which equals $13.50 to $17 per hour per family.  A nanny share is when two families come together and utilize the nanny at the same time.  You can find listings on her Nanny Share page.  

This option is a one time set fee of $350.00.  If you are interested in having Kyla help you with this process you can reach out to her at

Newborn Care Specialists and Postpartum Doulas  - Newborn Care Specialists and Postpartum Doula's are very similar and often times the lines are crossed between the two in the role that they play though very different. Though both have different courses they take to become certified. Both have a vast amount of infant experience and are available for both day time, evening, and overnight shifts. Kyla has hand selected what she feels are the cities best NCS and PP Doulas to refer on to her clients.  She can also refer Birth Doulas to my clients as well who will be there for you every step of the way through your pregnancy and birth.  There is one-time $400 referral fee if you hire a NCS, PP Doula, or Doula from The Nanny Consultant These specialists have their own fees and have a contract they will sign with you. They are all independent contractors.

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