The Nanny Consultant™, Kyla Lopez has been assisting families in finding exceptional nannies for over a decade.  It wasn't until 2014 that she decided to make this her profession as it comes so naturally to her.  Since then her business has taken off and she continues to place anywhere between 5 and 15 nannies per month.  She is known in the community for placing quality nannies with quality families.  She was a nanny for 16 years and knows the industry inside out.  Kyla recently won the ParentMap Golden Teddy Award in July 2016 and the People Love Us On Yelp award in 2017. She was also in the top 5 both in 2017 and 2018 for the Golden Teddy Award.   She provides the highest level of customer service to both parents and caregivers.   For her it is not about sending over a vast number of applicants, to her it is all about sending over the right applicants.  Check out her reviews under the review tab.

Kyla will provide a free consultation at first to get to know you and your family better and to see how she can best assist you.  This consultation will last about 1 hour and she will go over all your needs to find you the absolute best fit for you and your family!  This is either done in the home or over all call, depending on schedules and how soon the client needs a nanny. 

After you have signed on with The Nanny Consultant she will then provide the following:

  1. She will create a job description that has your family’s values and ideas in mind. Often times the families assist in this process.

  2. Kyla will then post ads to a variety of platforms.

  3. Kyla will then begin to gather the applicant's info including; applications, cover letters, resumes, written references, degrees, certifications, proof of immunizations, driving records, and any other information an applicant would like to share.  This information is transparent, her client see everything she see's! She does provide a background check through Checkr though due to laws the Client does not see this information. If the client is interested in viewing a background check she can recommend trusted resources for the family to select from.

  4. She will conduct an internet search including many social media platforms.

  5. She will have each applicant fill out essay questions that are provided to the parents as well.

  6. Kyla will meet with the applicants.

  7. Kyla will provide all documents needed to create a strong relationship with your nanny including a parent nanny contract.

What is the total cost?

  • There is a non-refundable search fee of $400 that is due upfront in order to begin the placement process. She offers a 2 tier placement pricing system which include:

    • 120-day guarantee for $3600

    • 180-day guarantee for $4600

During the time of guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with your nanny or the nanny is no longer available to accommodate your families agreed upon needs, Kyla will find a new candidate for you free of charge.

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