Nanny Shares

Kyla offers assistance to families looking for a Nanny Share.  This service does not include help finding a Nanny, it will only include help to find another family.  As the cost of nannies are now $21 plus per hour, you can have the option of nanny share which for most is much more affordable.  Depending on the area, a share ranges  anywhere from $25 to $32 per hour which equals $12.50 to $16 per family.  A nanny share is when two families can come together and utilize the nanny at the same time.  

This option is a one time set fee of $350.00.  If you are interested in having Kyla help you with this process you can reach out to her at

ballard family needed for a share

My newest clients in the North End of Ballard (Olympic Manor) are looking for a family to complete a nanny share with. We are also looking for a nanny at the same time for their little one who will be 4 months in March when the position begins. They can be flexible with an extended start date for the family. They are a laid-back couple that love living in the PNW enjoying all things outdoors and all the good food, breweries, and restaurants. They enjoy ski trips to their vacation home in CO. When I asked them what her friends would say about them, I received a great answer, “they would say that April always has wonderful gourmet cheese”. They do keep their fridge stocked. This family just moved back into their newly remodeled home that has views of the Olympics and the sound. They are in a desirable walking distance to Swanson’s nursery and three parks! They have two friendly dogs who have their own area and have a dog walker twice a day and own space that is not around the children. They are up for hosting, switching homes, or even having the share in another home, though their home is really set up for it.  They are pro vaccine! They are looking to utilize the hours of 8a to 5p and for a year. They are offering a competitive rate and guaranteed hours, overtime, paid sick time, 2 weeks PTO, and mileage reimbursement.

If this sounds like a family you would like to meet, please email me at




fremont family needed for a share

A family in Fremont is looking for a family to do a nanny share with before April 2020 for their infant son who is due in December. This family works shifts that are not a typical schedule as they are doctors. They can guarantee some hours though some weeks it may be one day and other weeks a few days, they do know their schedule in advance. They are hoping to find a family that was offering full time hours that would desire sharing some hours. They are a laid back family that enjoys art, time outdoors, and their friends! They are pro vaccines and would like to find a family that is in support of vaccines as well.


Please contact

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