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ballard family needed for a share

My newest clients and their amazing nanny in Ballard are looking for a new family to complete a nanny share with as their current share family is moving away in December. They are looking for a family within 5 miles of Ballard needing 40–45 hours a week. Ideally this share would begin in mid-December or early January, though they could accommodate a mid-January start.


The parents are two STEM professionals that love spending time together with their newly 3-year-old daughter. They have two friendly pet cats. They value open communication, regular yet flexible routines, honesty, and community. Pre-COVID you could find this family trying new restaurants and enjoying old ones, going to the local farmer’s market and playgrounds, traveling, and hosting visitors. Even though they are no longer doing some of their favorite things they find joy in a simple neighborhood walk, a family bike ride to Golden Gardens, a board game, a trip to the zoo, dabbling on the piano, cooking and baking, and they are loving the nearby Stay Healthy Street! Their daughter is silly, thoughtful, observant, and caring and loves all things music, riding her balance bike, painting, crafts, the color purple, and exploring science with kitchen “chemical reactions.” They used to go on outings and attend enrichment classes and they hope to again when it is safe to do so.

Their nanny only has glowing things to share about this family. A few words that came to mind when discussing them were, “genuinely friendly, funny, good communicators, accommodating, good listeners, and organized.” She said, “Their daughter has a very developed sense of humor, is oh so smart, and loves the interactions between the other children in shares.”


Their nanny is a true professional at spending time with kids and helping them learn and grow while having a blast. She is honest, transparent, and SO punctual. She involves the children in whatever is happening, respects their agency while establishing boundaries, and is invested and interested in what they think and enjoy. She does an amazing job coming up with fun activities, which is wonderful when they are stuck at home more than usual due to COVID, smoke, and everything else. If they want her to handle something differently, she has no issue doing so, even if it's not how she would automatically do it. She pays attention to individual preferences and honors them. She is a remarkable judge of character, knows her limits, and will move heaven and earth to ensure the kids are safe and know they are loved.


They live in a new Ballard townhome with a roof deck full of kid-friendly fun. Their nanny presently works 9a to 5p, Monday through Friday with guaranteed hours. Each family hosts 2 days per week, and the other family employs their nanny 1 day per week for their child only at a solo rate. They would love to keep up a similar routine, but can be flexible for the right fit. Their nanny could start earlier in the morning and they are open to a variety of ways to switch between homes. A child between the ages of 2 and 4 would be perfect. They are hoping to find a family that can commit through August 2021, though they are open to discussing a shorter-term arrangement. If you have similar needs please reach out as this family is pretty flexible. They are all very communicative and hope to find a family that also values strong communication. They are looking for a family that is going to be paying legally and offering the standard benefits.


The family and their nanny are all taking COVID seriously. They have a thorough system in place that includes lots of hand washing, leaving shoes at the door, masks in public spaces, limiting grocery store runs, and checking in with one another to make sure everyone is on the same page. They follow or exceed all WA State Phase 2 guidelines and are working from home. For now, the family is prioritizing a small circle of in-person un-masked contacts consisting of just the nanny share and one set of grandparents.



If you feel like you may be a good fit, please send an email with your needs to Kyla at or call her at 425.512.3123.

ballard family needed for a share

A Ballard (Blue Ridge) family and their amazing nanny is looking for a family to complete a nanny share with. They are looking for at least part time hours to be shared each week with their daughter who is currently 6 mo old.  Their nanny works 45 hours each week.  They are a family who is pro-vaccinations! They are looking for a family to commit at least a year. They do have a friendly French Bulldog in their home. This family enjoys the homebody lifestyle of cooking, reading, and watching Marvel movies and documentaries, but also loves to seek out new restaurants and flavors. Their friends and family would describe them as happy and caring people. While they generally have a relaxed attitude, they will go the extra mile when they are passionate about something.


The nanny requires $15 per family.

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to

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