Nanny Shares

ballard family needed for a share

A Ballard (Blue Ridge) family and their amazing nanny is looking for a family to complete a nanny share with. They are looking for at least part time hours to be shared each week with their daughter who is currently 6 mo old.  Their nanny works 45 hours each week.  They are a family who is pro-vaccinations! They are looking for a family to commit at least a year. They do have a friendly French Bulldog in their home. This family enjoys the homebody lifestyle of cooking, reading, and watching Marvel movies and documentaries, but also loves to seek out new restaurants and flavors. Their friends and family would describe them as happy and caring people. While they generally have a relaxed attitude, they will go the extra mile when they are passionate about something.

They will be offering their nanny guaranteed hours, sick time, overtime, holiday pay, bus pass, 2-week PTO off nanny choice and 1-week PTO parent choice, and a bus pass. The nanny requires $15 per family.

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to

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