With a passion for children and childcare at a very young age, Kyla Lopez, owner and founder of The Nanny Consultant, LLC. started babysitting at just 11 years of age and at the age  of 17 she was becoming a nanny extraordinaire taking on the position as a Nanny/Household Manager. In 2014, after years of providing care to many families in the PNW and Southern California, she decided to open a local nanny agency now national, The Nanny Consultant.  Kyla  provides parents with exceptional nanny's and the tools to support their nanny for years to come. 

Kyla is the founder of several nanny connection's and parent nanny groups.  She has attended the National Nanny Training Day in 2013 and 2016.  In 2016, she attended Nannypolozza in Orlando and Nanny Jamboree in Vancouver B.C.  In 2017, she is attended a Newborn Care Specialist training and spoke at Nanny Jamboree.  In 2019, she co - hosted the 2019 Tacoma National Nanny Training Day and spoke as well. 

In her spare time she is busy raising her three children.  She has now been in business 7.5 years and has won the Golden Teddy Award, People Love Us on Yelp Award, and runner up 3 times for the Golden Teddy Award. 


Kyla is from the Pacific Northwest and has spent a year in Southern California.  She now resides in Washington with her daughter, two sons, two cats, Oliver and Tilly and her pup, Charlie.