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// I was recently matched with a family as a nanny through The Nanny Consultant. It was an extremely smooth process. Kyla and Mel were wonderful to work with. I highly recommend and would totally use this service again in the future!

-Angeolina O. 

// Kyla has been absolutely amazing to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional while also knowing how it is to be a parent and all the difficulties that can come along with trying to find the best care for your children. Im so thankful to have worked with her and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful nanny or a nanny position through her.

-Shanelle J.

// The Nanny Consultant is the creme de la creme of nanny agencies in the Seattle area. I have been a nanny in Seattle for nearly 7 years and my career has thrived under Kyla's guidance and placements. Kyla expertly combines her skills in communication and assessment with her experiences as a nanny and a mother to provide an excellent service to nannies and families alike. With a tried and true intake system, an eye for compatibility, and an incredibly warm and positive demeanor, I highly reccomend The Nanny Consultant to anyone seeking a caregiver or caregiving position in the areas she serves!

-Kira G.

// My experience with the agency and especially with Kyla was amazing since day one! I apply for jobs and she contacted me right away and she started the hiring process so efficiently and quick I was so impressed. She is so sweet, personable and easy to communicate to.
She found me the best family I could wish for and I am so thankful for that.
I highly recommend The Nanny Consultant without a doubt.

-Bertha M. 

// After having a terrible experience with another Seattle nanny agency, I was fortunate to be referred to Kyla by a physician friend who gave her rave reviews. From the moment Kyla and I first spoke, I knew that she was incredibly dedicated. She worked tirelessly for several months to find us the perfect nanny. This was all due to her efforts- she did not delegate her rigorous screening process- she interviewed and evaluated each candidate personally. She contacted me frequently to update me on the process and was reachable at any time. We are now 8 months into working with our nanny, who has become part of our family. I can't imagine a better fit. There is no better peace of mind than knowing that you are working with a candidate personally vetted and recommended by Kyla.

-Amy C.

// Kyla and Mel are absolute professionals. They helped our family find a wonderful summer nanny who was a great fit for us. It eased our mind and saved a lot of our time to have someone with expertise taking the time to understand our needs, posting the job, vetting candidates, and helping us through the logistical aspects of the employment process.

-Jessica M. 

// Kyla and Mel have made finding a wonderful family to nanny for such a breeze. They are very responsive and so transparent. They made the process so easy and took the time to get to know both the families and the nannies. I cannot recommend The Nanny consultant enough!

-Michaela H.

// Kyla and her team have helped us with two nanny searches the past couple years. They’ve been amazing and their help has been invaluable for our family. The nannies they’ve found have been perfect fits for our family, they’ve giving us incredible advice and support, and they’ve worked hard to make sure each placement was an excellent fit both ways. We would recommend them for any family.

-David C.

// The Nanny Consultant, Kyla, is ever the professional and well of knowledge. As a career nanny I have had the privilege of using The Nanny Consultant to help create and negotiate travel contracts. With her insight and understanding she was able to meet the needs of both my nanny family and myself.

I have recommended families and Nannies to her services and she continues to exceed expectations.

-Andrea S. 

// Kyla and Mel are AMAZING. I am a nanny and was looking for my next nanny family when I stumbled across The Nanny Consultant. From start to finish they were very communicative and caring. I enjoyed every conversation with them and them making the process so fun & really caring about my wants and needs. If you are a nanny looking for a placement I would definitely recommend Kyla and Mel. I know I’ll be back when it’s time to find my next nanny family!

-Kaycee H. 

// Kyla and Mel are honest, respectful, trust worthy and transparent and they have been amazing in placing me to a wonderful family to work for and making sure that both me and the family are compatible! which for me, is very important as a caregiver. moving out of NY and having no work connection in Indiana, it was such a relief that I found a great agency to help me out. I have been truly blessed to come across their website and applied immediately!

-Kathleen V.

// We're so happy we chose The Nanny Consultant to find our House Manager. This is our first employee and Kyla has been there for us every step of the way, helping us understand the process. She helped us set expectations for the role and found us the perfect person for our family. We will definitely reach out to Kyla again when we need to hire more help.

-Tom T.

// Working with Kyla has been the easiest process I have encountered in my career, thus far.

I first met Kyla online through a local Nanny group she created. She hosts monthly Nanny meet-ups and when we met in person for the first time, we hit it off! She is a very sweet, outgoing, and caring individual. That being said, I'm sure you can understand why she was such a great person to work with when finding my new position.

Kyla is professional, attentive, trusting, and genuinely cares for you and your needs in this career field. She is very experienced-which is refreshing for those who may not be as experienced. 

To say I am pleased with her services is an understatement-she has gone above and beyond my expectations! I would use Kyla's services again, should I need them in the future!



// I began the search for nannies several months before my now 2.5yr old was born.  It has been been an incredibly time-consuming and worrisome process as caregivers have come and gone since, requiring significant hours, effort, and leaps of faith to eventually find whoever seems best qualified at the time.  After a particularly negative experience recently, I contacted Kyla for help.  From the start, she was professional, empathetic, energetic, and fully committed to providing the service and finding the care my family needs.  She invested time to get to know our family and turned that into a effective and efficient process to find a great match.  As a hard-working professional with limited budget and time, I appreciate Kyla's clear and consistent communications; persistence in driving to the best end result; and her passion and follow-through to educate and ensure a great experience for families and nannies alike.  I will not waste time or effort or take a leap of faith to find caregivers for my child again--Kyla will be the first and only person I call.  Any family that wants to take the burden and guess-work out of finding care for their children would be well-served to do the same.

- Cynthia L.

// I can't say enough good things about Kyla, The Nanny Consultant. Thank you so much!

Even as a career nanny (7 years full-time and several summers in high school and college), it can be very difficult to find a family that would be a perfect fit. Prior to meeting Kyla, I'd been working full-time (45-50 hrs/week) in a nanny-share for the past five years (July 2009 to Oct. 2014), but because of a job change and a new baby, they weren't going to be able to employ me anymore. Even though I had about six months notice, I was having a very difficult time finding a family that was looking for the same hours, schedule, duties, and expectations that I had. I was combing through, Urbansitter, and Craigslist every day looking for new postings. 

I knew of Kyla through a nanny group on Facebook, and on a whim -- or maybe out of panicked desperation -- I contacted her to see if she knew of any good families that were seriously looking for a nanny in the greater Seattle area. In the past I've had some bad experiences with "agencies" to the point where I feel like it's a dirty word, so I was extremely reluctant to work with a consultant. Let me tell you, this was a night-and-day experience. 

I sent Kyla a message late in the evening, and she responded almost immediately. We set up a time to talk over the phone the next business day. When we talked, she listened to my needs, expectations, and concerns. She never once made me feel like my needs or expectations were "too much" or "unrealistic" (things I've heard in the past in spite of my long-term experience working with families having the same needs and expectations). After talking on the phone for nearly an hour, we met in person, shared some frozen yogurt, and talked about a family in the area that she thought would be a good fit for me. She talked with them and helped set up an interview with the family. 

I met the family a week later. Their needs and expectations matched mine perfectly! I've been working with them for six weeks now, and I've never had such a seamless transition to a new family ever before. Things have been truly wonderful so far. In my mind, it all boils down to the fact that Kyla listened to my needs and their needs and matched us because our needs were the same rather than pressuring the nanny into making major adjustments to his/her needs -- needs, not wants -- in order to fit the needs of the family (which is what "agencies" do). 

Kyla is such a wonderful person, and all of the other nannies (and families) I've connected with through her have been wonderful. I'm very excited to watch her business grow, and I wouldn't hesitate to ask for her help again in the future, though it looks like it's going to be a long time before that's going to happen. :)

- Laura E.

// My husband and I were struggling to find a wonderful nanny to join our family.  We posted an ad on a popular childcare website and spent our evenings reviewing applications or calling references, and weekends interviewing nannies for a month+.  Even with all that work, we were not finding the right person.  We really needed our time back, and that is when we found the Nanny Consultant.  Kyla met with us at our home to get a feel for our family, what we needed, and what type of nanny might fit with us.  Kyla did all of the time consuming work on our behalf - posted ads, reviewed resumes, conducted interviews via phone and face-to-face to make sure that nannies were up to par, called insurance agents, conducted reference checks, and gathered documents.  We met with two great candidates that Kyla sent our way and hired one as our nanny. Overall, Kyla's help with the overwhelming and emotional search for a nanny helped us find someone who is a wonderful fit for us.  She was knowledgeable, very responsive, and her fee is very reasonable compared to most nanny placement agencies!

-Rachel S.

// The process of finding a nanny was seriously overwhelming for me. The second I was referred to The Nanny Consultant I felt relieved. Kyla is friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional. It is so clear that this is where her passion lies that I could take great comfort in knowing she would do all she could to find us the right fit. I will always use TNC for any future nanny needs!          -Shannon B.

// I never thought I would use an agency for nanny placement but when an unexpected job offer came along, I needed to find someone good and fast. I started on but it was overwhelming and awful (so many applications from unqualified candidates) and I didn't have the time to weed through everything. After interviewing 3 different agencies, we decided to work with Kyla at The Nanny Consultant because she was organized, knowledgeable and wonderfully reassuring (after a bad nanny experience in the past, I was nervous about finding someone qualified). 

Here is how AMAZING Kyla is: I needed to start the process ASAP but I was away for travel. Kyla made time to schedule a detailed phone interview to gather information and walk me through the entire process. I had a strange and complicated situation with timing of my job start and Kyla proposed an ideal solution. I had to start interviewing candidates the week I returned and Kyla had already lined up applicants and gotten me started with paperwork. Did I also mention that Kyla was 9 months pregnant and about to give birth the same week she was doing all of this for me? Talk about a super mom, super woman and my super hero. Kyla ended up finding us the world's most AMAZING nanny and we are so incredibly grateful. 

In summary, Kyla is smart, caring and fantastic at what she does. Communication is excellent and she is honest and upfront about expectations and feedback. You can tell she cares about both the nanny's and the family's well-being and she's got an intuitive sense for pairing you with someone who not only meets your qualifications, but who is also a good personality fit (this is crucial because nannies become a part of your family!)


// Thanks to Kyla, my career as a nanny has been absolutely amazing! She thinks fast and thoughtfully and hires nanny's that will be perfect additions to families. I appreciate the time and energy she put into my job placement as I am the happiest nanny in the pacific north west!

-Alana W.

// Working with Kyla to find a new nanny for my 2 boys was a wonderful experience. She truly cared about my family and finding the right person to fill such an important role. Her communication during the process was great and made me less anxious about finding someone in time. I would recommend Kyla and the Nanny Consultant to anyone looking for a nanny.

-Natalie H.

// Kyla is amazing, a true advocate for nannies and families. She cherished the work nannies do and honors the skills each nanny has to offer. She is thoughtful about understanding the needs and wants of families and taking her time to ensure the match is paired well with the nanny. 

After working with multiple agencies I chose to move forward with her agency as I felt more connected to the family I met and the amount of time she gave to me through the process. She never rushed the process and have incredibly  valuable feedback throughout the entire process. I'm forever grateful that our paths crossed. I recommend  her to any family I know looking for a nanny and to other nannies looking for a new family.
Thank you!!!

- Leanne E.

// I was very overwhelmed by the process of looking for a family match when I first decided to become a nanny. I was worried about not having consistent hours, or being paid too little, or being asked to work too much, or simply picking a family that was not an ideal match. Kyla was incredible in this process. I have a nannying job I love now, with guaranteed hours, a fantastic family, good wages, and the comfort of knowing Kyla is there to help if I have questions or concerns! For any nanny, I'd recommend The Nanny Consultant.  And for any family looking for a nanny as well - from what I've heard from families, it is exhausting trying to find a good nanny wading through the applicants who never show up for interviews, or drop out last minute, or are simply unqualified and unreliable. Go with The Nanny Consultant - trust me.

-Cecania A

// Kyla is absolutely amazing and a true asset to the nanny community. A relative newbie to the profession, I came to her needing advice and guidance. Meeting with her immediately put me at ease. Her wealth of knowledge gave me the tools needed to become a better employee and caregiver and I have been happier about my career choice than ever! She truly cares about her clients and her love of nannying shines through in everything she does. I highly recommend Kyla to any nanny or parent needing consulting services.

-Nicole C.

// Working with Kyla was amazing.  Choosing the right nanny for our family was a scary process but Kyla walked me through the whole process providing support and advice.  She was very knowledgeable and helped me to articulate what what would be a good fit for our family.  She very accessible, very knowledgeable, and very patient with my never ending questions.  

You can tell she honestly cares about finding the best fit for both the family and the nannies she works with.  In addition, her rates are very reasonable.  

I would highly recommend her to any family seeking a nanny and have many, many times

-Julia A.

// Kyla is an amazing professional and so amazing to work with. If you are a parent looking for nanny or someone contemplating becoming a nanny then she is the person to work with! She cares deeply for both the families and nannies and has a clear passion for child care. She makes sure all nannies are qualified and a great fit for the families.

-Annemarie D.

// Kyla and her team are amazing! I have been a professional nanny for almost 8 years and have never come across an agency that works so hard to make sure that both the family and the nanny are both happy. I have worked with other agencies in the past and have been told by the agency that "There is nothing we can do to help you because you didn't pay us thousands of dollars" when an issue had come up with my employer. Kyla took her own personal time to talk to me about what was happening with my employers, coached me through some suggestions and ultimately I ended up using her to find a new position. She invested in me before I had even considered working with her agency. After being burned by another agency in the area it was such a breath of fresh air working with such a kind, caring person. If you want the best-Kyla with give it to you! Whether looking for a nanny or looking for a nanny position- you will not be disappointed if you work with Kyla! -Cassie C.

// Kyla has been such an asset to our family! We were looking for care (at first an infant care specialist, then also a short-term summer nanny placement) We are new to the area and didn't have a friend network to search for care. Plus, we didn't have the time/energy to go the traditional route (post an ad, interview candidates, etc.) Working with Kyla was seamless from the start. She helped us understand what would work best for our family, and then found the right fit for us. Kyla has basically done all the grunt work (interviewing, collecting references, work history, etc). We simply conducted our own interview and decided on a good fit. Kyla's communication was impeccable from the start. She is prompt, and communicates clearly. Especially for our summer placement, we needed someone fast and she delivered! I know that the upfront cost can deter some individuals, but we honestly felt it was worth every penny to find caring, qualified, experienced care givers for our children. And finally...Kyla is a kind, thoughtful, caring person to work with!

-Collen B.

// Kyla was a blessing for us, she is fabulous. We tried it on our own and that didn't work out. I was so overwhelmed with finding, yet another nanny, and she took that fear away. She is responsive, kind, she listens, and is very experienced. We loved working with her and will again, if we ever have a need. She is worth every penny!

-Kendra C.

// After leaving my nanny family of over four years, I was terrified of the process in finding a new family. I am so so so grateful I found The Nanny Consultant. Kyla made the process so easy. She is genuine & great at what she does. I felt supported the entire time working with her. I would definitely recommend her services to any nanny looking for their next great family!!!

-Kayla B.

// Kyla was FANTASTIC to work with!  I was in a huge pinch and she was able to find me a nanny w/in a week and things are working out great!  Thank you Kyla!!

-Julie P.

// I can't say enough great things about Kyla and her services. After searching for a nanny on our own for several months, I was feeling overwhelmed. Kyla is knowledgeable, responsive, and genuinely cared about finding the right fit for our family. She made an intimidating process feel so much more comfortable. I highly recommend her to any family searching for a nanny!

- Meg S.

// The Nanny Consultant is the best agency I've ever been able to work with! Kyla, the owner, is so caring and so helpful and I have been more than pleased throughout the process. All my expectations were exceeded when deciding to work with her and I'm so glad I made the decision to. She is absolutely wonderful, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a nanny or any nanny looking for a family!

- Shanelle J.

// We recently moved to a new town. With one week until the start of school, and in desperate need of securing before and after school care for my 7-year old twins, I turned to The Nanny Consultant, Kyla Lopez. Within days Kyla had found a great nanny for us! She had even interviewed her and checked references for me! 

Now both the new nanny and I turn to The Nanny Consultant to get great ideas and resources for educational and fun activities in our area, and always appreciate tips received on local parks and other play spots, as well as upcoming courses and events!

-Ginger T.

// Both my husband and I work full time. My daughter no longer wanted to go to childcare, but leaving her home with her brother was not an option. She begged me for a nanny, but I didn't know where to start. Finding Kyla was a blessing. She did all the work for me. I had unique time requests and she rose to the challenge and found me an amazing match not only once, but twice. Not that the first one wasn't perfect fit for our family, but she had to meet another work obligation. Kyla quickly found us a replacement. As a busy working Mom, the last thing I wanted to do was place ads, field phone calls, check references, and interview. I've already recommended her to a friend and would use her again. Worth every penny.

-Karen U.

// I had such a great experience with Kyla! She is so quick to respond to every phone call and email and makes you feel confident in her abilities. She genuinely listens to what you are looking for and ensures that all the nannies that go through her company are treated as professionals. She is more than willing to answer any questions you may have and talks every step through with you before moving forward. I was so impressed with the Nanny/Parent contract she has written! She thought of everything to be sure the nanny is being treated fairly and the parents are protected. 

I applied to 4 nanny agencies in the Seattle area and Kyla was the first to respond to me and the only one who actually followed through with more than just a auto-reply email. I'm so happy she was! I would definitely recommend  The Nanny Consultant for anyone looking to be a nanny or parents looking to find a nanny!!

-Meghann P.

// Me and my family recently needed to hire a nanny in a pinch as I started my new job soon after I was offered a position.  Kyla was very honest with us and told us that it could take weeks to help us find the right fit as she makes sure that the Nanny is 100% the one for us.  Kyla quickly set up a meeting to meet our family and had ads running that evening.  Within 2 weeks Kyla sent us the most amazing nanny that we are so grateful for.  We loved that Kyla runs a small business and even though she is busy she personally got right back to us unlike other agencies we have worked with in the past.  We also feel that she really took the time to get know us which we believe really helped us in finding the perfect fit.  She also provided us with every document a parent could ever need.  Overall we highly recommend her! - Anthony C.

// Kyla was amazing! I sent her an email applying for a nanny position on Craigslist and she got back to me within the hour! She asked for a resume and references and met with me the next day! Within a day she had made connections with all my references and I got the job! She makes you feel like you are top priority and she's she's so sweet, down to earth, and genuine! I would highly recommend her to help anyone looking for a nanny position or a family looking for a nanny. Thanks again Kyla!

-Annie B.

// Truly amazing service! Working with Kyla has been a delight! She is most concerned about finding the right fit for families and nannies. In only a week and a half she found me a great family, that I'm very excited to work with!

-Hilary K.

// I turned to Kyla while transitioning from one family to the next, and I truly don't know what I would have done without her help! 

She is extremely generous and flexible with her time. She was quick to respond to my questions and provided much needed guidance.  She made every effort to understand my situation and needs while searching for the right family.  I ended up in a great situation that both me and my current employers are very pleased with!

I also have to mention that she was doing all of this with a toddler and her hip and not skipping a beat! 

She's a great person to work with. If you're a nanny and  need help finding a good family you should look no further!

-Kayla C.

// We relocated from across the country and with the new school schedule figured we needed some after school help.  Kyla was recommended to us and found us a fantastic part-time person to help out!  We didn't know what we needed exactly but she did all the work!  Wrote the Ad, reviewed applications, contacted references, reviewed resumes, everything!!  We had two perfect candidates quickly.  She is very easy to work with, understands the industry and was very helpful when we need to reach out to her about a last minute schedule change and how to proceed with our Nanny.  All around great and very supportive.  I was also impressed that she screen US to be sure we would be a good family for our future Nanny!  Highly recommend working with her as a family looking for help and as a Nanny looking for work!


// Kyla went out of her way to let me know of a family in need of a nanny and I am so thankful for that! She was such a joy to talk to and just from an hour conversation at starbucks I could tell she was very passionate about what she does. Kyla was prompt and professional and I would absolutely recommend Kyla for anyone in search of a nanny.

-Brittany K

// Kyla was very professional and helpful. Coming from the side of being a nanny looking for a new family, and not the parents looking for a nanny, I can't say enough nice things about her.  Kyla has so many tools and tips to help both nanny's and family's looking for a nanny, it is rather amazing. Kyla ultimately placed me with my new nanny family and we could not be a better fit. She was able to help me find a very specific kind of family that allows me to bring my 2 yr old with me. I myself have a background in early childhood development, learning disabilities and extensive background with children on the autism spectrum and Kyla was able to match me with a family that could both use and benefit from my experience. Again, can't say enough wonderful things about her!

-Brea P.

// Kyla was the greatest help I could ask for when looking for a nanny position. She really encouraged me to do what was best for me when choosing a family to work with, and helped make sure I would be working in an environment that was right for me, with a family that I really meshed with, getting the benefits I deserved. She went above and beyond to make me (someone out of the nanny world for a few years) feel included in the nanny community in our area and she offers so many resources that I feel like I can take on anything the little bundle of joy I get to care for will throw at me.

-Isla C.

// Kyla was a real joy to work with. She was very professional and efficient. She took the time to meet our family in person and take in all of our needs for our next Nanny. She also asked us questions I would have never thought to consider without her. She did a fabulous job finding well qualified applicants and sent us a plethora of information on each of them. Once we found a nanny we liked, she also provided and walked us through the contract process. I would highly recommend you using Kyla to help source your next Nanny!

-Emily R.

// Loved working with Kyla!  She helped to find us a share family and we couldn't be happier...with everything we had going on, she took a huge thing off my plate and knew exactly what we were looking for.  She came recommended to us and I would highly recommend her to anyone else!

-Adrien P.

// Kyla is one of the best. She genuinely cares about her clients and the nannies. She works hard to make sure she pairs the right nannies with the right families. She is well versed and educated with the nanny market as well as household employee laws and taxes. I will likely never use another agency as long as I'm a nanny. I'm so thankful for Kyla for pairing me with my amazing Nanny Family and for answering all my questions along the way.

-Melodie H

// Kyla was great to work with! She is kind, on top of things, and really makes sure the fit is great for both nanny and family. Even after placing me with my family, I know I'll continue to keep in contact with her. She takes time to answer questions anyone has, even if they're not working with her.

-Lydia B.

// Kyla offers an incredible service to families.  I had always found nannies on my own for the past 8 years and it was such an involved, challenging process - and often times disappointing when I couldn't find that great fit needed for my family and had to start over. Recently, after several failed attempts at placing childcare myself - Kyla was recommended to me.  I reached out to her and she was terrific from day one. She gave me great information and support before we even entered the actual placement process. I have a difficult-to-place family with 3 school age kids and a part-time schedule, making it extra hard to find awesome candidates for this position. She was upfront and honest with me about this and set expectations very well - her communication is GREAT!  She introduced me to 2 amazing candidates and we selected one who started with us a month ago and she is TERRIFIC - exactly what we were looking for - Kyla totally nailed it.  Kyla knows her business better than anyone could - her personal experience and intuition are spot on - she is so great to work with and I felt so secure placing my trust in her to find this most important role for our family - her bar for excellence is as high as mine and she has way more knowledge of what to do and how to find that perfect fit - I knew she wouldn't recommend anyone for me who she wouldn't bring into her own home - that put me at ease. I could not be more pleased and would recommend Kyla's services enthusiastically to anyone.  The service is priceless - and on top of that, it is actually so much more reasonable than a traditional agency's fees. If you're wondering if she's too good to be true, I'm telling you, she's not - her service is really that good!  Truly great!

-Molly S.

// We recently relocated to WA after 10 years on the East Coast. Our top priority was to find a good caretaker for our daughter. After several weeks of trying to find a nanny on our own, we finally found Kyla and signed up for her services. I can't tell you what a relief it was! She came to our home (11 days after delivering her first baby by the way!), conducted a very thorough and completely non-judgmental interview with us and then did her thing. Kyla was responsive, professional and most of all, honest and full of integrity in addition to being passionate about her work. There were a couple of nannies that she sent to us that we weren't 100% sure about. Instead of suggesting that we hire them (which would have resulted in her getting paid quicker), she told us to wait and go with our gut feeling and that we would know when we found the right one. This resulted in more work for her but it is obvious that what she cares about is finding the right nanny for each family (or vice versa) and not the money. That is why she is so good at her job. The last nanny she interviewed for us was our nanny and Kyla knew this right away and told me so even before we met this nanny. She seems to have a gift for matching families and nannies. To say I appreciate her services is a huge understatement. I'll be forever grateful that I can now start my new job knowing that my daughter is in good hands and this is all thanks to Kyla. I can't recommend her enough. Her services are worth every penny.

-Karidee T.

// Kyla helped our family and our Nanny share family in putting together a great Nanny contract and helped us figure out an appropriate compensation package.  She was incredibly responsive throughout the process and we are so grateful given we had no idea what we were doing!  Although we found our Nanny through word of mouth, no question we would work with Kyla if our situation were ever to change.

-Jennifer H.

// When our current  nanny became flaky, I turned to Kyla to help us find a new nanny for our 2 year old and after school care for 8 and 10 year olds. She sourced several qualified candidates and pre-screened them too! Invaluable for a busy working mom! We found  an amazing  new  nanny and even a temp through The Nanny Consultant who we used until our full time nanny was available to start. The whole process took only a few hours instead of days! The result is perfect with a caring, responsible nanny for our family. Highly recommend!

-Amy A.

// Kyla brings much heart, insight and experience to the services she provides. I first met her at an inspiring Nanny Education Workshop she led last spring and found her to be enthusiastic, deeply caring, helpful and knowledgable. The workshop itself was highly professional and informative. She wants the best for the nannies and families she serves and gives generously of her time, expertise and talent to make sure everyone feels connected, valued and supported. She is also great about researching and sharing a wide variety of educational and support resources. Kyla is a true heartfelt pioneer in this work and I highly recommend her services to both nannies and families in search of the perfect match.

-Teri W.

// Working with Kyla and the nanny consultant was amazing.  Kyla made things so easy and quick.  She communicated every step of the way and was always there to help.   She is so sweet!!!  I will always use her!

-Lauren B.

// Before I met Kyla, the Nanny Consultant I had been searching for the perfect family to work for. I had no idea where to start. I was searching craigslist tirelessly for at least a month before I came across one of The Nanny Consultant's ad. I applied on a whim, within a half hour I received an email from Kyla wanting to meet that day!  Her promptness was like nothing I had worked with before. As soon as we met it was a connection! She matched me with the greatest family within a week. Kyla understands the nanny's needs just as much as the family's. When I started working for the family, her help didn't stop there. They were new to town and Kyla made sure the twins had plenty of playdates with new friends. From promptness to follow through, Kyla is a great person to work for!

-Emily R.

// I am one of many local Nannies that have had the great blessing of working with Kyla Perkins! She is amazing at her job to say the least. Kyla had placed me in a nanny position this past year and she made it so easy. She really took the time to make sure it was a good fit and a smooth transition. As a nanny I can say I highly recommend The Nanny Consultant.

-Amy R.

// I took Kyla's portfolio class and I found it very informative. I was impressed with how she presented herself.  I found her to be the most prepared, organized, and professional speaker at that event. I would be honored to work with her.

-Deborah B.

// Kyla has been great since we just had our newborn baby boy in finding us relief for a nighttime nanny to help my wife and I get some much needed sleep. I would highly recommend her. Fast prompt and our nanny is awesome. Thanks for all the help.

-Brandon H.

// Wow, what a great resource for REAL Nannies who are dedicated and looking for a real career taking care of children. I have known Kyla for 2 years and she is the real deal. 
No hidden surprises, everything above board and all of her fees are in writing. I know when I have concerns or questions, Kyla is a straight shooter and will give me a straight answer. 
There is no reason to not use her. If you are serious about finding the best family and fit for your career, The Nanny Consultant is my number one choice for your search. 

She gets you top dollar as well. Families searching for the best agency to list your search, I cannot stress how professional and hard working this woman is. She cares about the Nanny/family bond first and foremost and never settles for the sub par worker who is just out for money and doesn't look out for children first and foremost.

I am proud to be in a field where we can give 100%, get praise for a job well done and be recognized by our work families even after the job ends. 
I will always use The Nanny Consultant for my job needs and thankful she has the integrity to turn away those not putting our profession in a good light. 
Thank you for all your hard work, tenacity and determination to make Seattle one of the best locations to work in the Nanny profession.

-Marguerite F.

// Kyla was wonderful to work with! She was very responsive to my application as a nanny and made it easy for me to find a perfect-fit family. Kyla helped with the communication, the contract, and was extremely supportive throughout the process. I definitely recommend using The Nanny Consultant and working with Kyla.

-Shila H.

// Kyla is amazing at what she does, matching nannies to families. She really listens and truly cares about finding the perfect matches for both parties involved. 
Kyla gas a real talent. I found my current family through The Nanny Consultant and they are amazing!! 
She works with the family and nanny from start to finish. Thorough questions about what you are looking for, nanny background check, she does the reference checks as well, personally meets all families and nannies, and even helps with the contract. 
I definitely recommend The Nanny Consultant!!!

-Alyssa P.

// I found Kyla through a local Mom blog and "marked" her down to contact if we ever needed a new Nanny.  Weeks later we found out our nanny was leaving and we were back in the market.  I immediately reached out the Kyla and set up a meeting.  She was fantastic to work with.  She understood our family and our needs and found us the perfect fit.  We look forward to welcoming our new nanny in a few weeks and appreciate all the help from Kyla.  We will definitely use her and refer her to our friends in the future!

-Stacie M.

// Wow where do I start! Kyla has a gift. She is able to match each family with the right nanny for them and vice versa. When I first met Kyla she was very supportive of my career and only had plans to help me further it! When I was ready to find a new position I went thru her application process with no issues then to be offered a job with her contract only a week later. The whole time she truly cared about my needs as well as the families. Next month will be 2 years with said family! She is so bubbly and a joy to be around. I give the nanny consultant my highest of recommendations. Save yourself all the time and research involved in finding a stellar nanny and hire Kyla :) You will NOT regret it!

-Hannah C.

// Kyla is wonderful! She was upbeat and helpful from our very first meeting. As a nanny, I struggled finding the right fit in a family. Finding employment in this field can be strenuous, having to find families, interviewing several times, discussing pay, traveling to meet families, just to find out that they don't share the same morals or can't offer what you need. Kyla took all of that work and made it disappear! She has a knack for knowing which families need which nannies, opening the door for conversation, and helping with any questions along the way. I just started work with my dream family this last week, and we are both SO grateful for Kyla! I would recommend her to anybody, nannies and families alike.

-Cora P.

// Kyla is absolutely amazing. She works with families and nannies and is a wonderful matchmaker. Not only is she an amazing nanny consultant; she's also just a great person. She regularly volunteers within the community to make it a better place. She goes above and beyond to make sure the nannies and families she places are satisfied. I've had the opportunity to work with her and see her work first hand.

-Gabby J.

// I could not be happier to have gone through Kyla to find my dream position and families! She works quickly and efficiently to find the care families need and the families that nannies love to work for. She helps each party find their perfect fit and helps everything go smoothly! She is professional yet so easy to get along with. I am forever thankful and highly recommend her services! 

-Cecilee M.

// This fall we found ourselves needing to quickly find a new professional full time nanny for our two - soon to be three - kids.  We have had two long term placement nannies and knew that quality nannies are important, hard to come by and finding the right one has a lot to do with "fit" for the nanny and the family.  We have used two other nanny services to find our previous nannies - the first we loved, but was located in another state, the second wasn't a great fit for our family.  When we were faced with this quick timeframe, sad kids who were saying goodbye to a nanny they loved and hectic work schedules, we turned to Kyla at The Nanny Consultant.  

She was so responsive and with us every step of the way.  She clearly knows people and knows what families and nannies need.  I felt she took the time to listen to us and to understand what we were looking for in our next nanny.  Because of her deep network and her easy ability to connect with people, she quickly vetted several nannies and gave us the opportunity to interview the top candidates.  We connected almost immediately with one of the candidates and Kyla helped us all get through the contract negotiations and sign on the dotted line.  This is now our first week with our new nanny.  

I am thankful for Kyla.  I hope that we will have our current nanny for a long time and not need Kyla's services again for a while.  I will, however, be sharing with anyone I know who is looking for a nanny or nanny service the amazing job Kyla does for her clients and the nanny community. 

As a final note, if you are new to using nanny services and are at all taken by surprise at the costs, please know it is worth every penny and that Kyla is incredibly reasonable with her pricing. I consider the price point an extra bonus because honestly if price where not in the equation I would still select her services next time I am looking for a nanny in the Seattle area.

-Kate P.

// Kyla is great at what she does.  The process of finding a nanny was very simple with Kyla.  She connected us with a perfect fit nanny and held our hands through the contract process.  We found our dream nanny thanks to Kyla.

-Mary Beth M.

// I don't even know where to start with Kyla. She's literally a godsend to the nanny community. I first connected with Kyla through a nanny group that she has on      Facebook. She went out of her way to make me feel welcome and helped me out with different questions I had. I soon found out that she had her own consultation business! I was in the process of looking for a new position, and after going through a few different bigger agencies I was worn out. I saw that she had a few families she was helping look for a nanny, so I thought I'd give it one more shot. Kyla was more responsive than the four nanny agencies I have gone though put together. After I applied on her site late one night, she had gotten back to me early the next morning! I cannot recommend her enough, she not only makes a personal effort to connect with each person she talks with, she knows the ins and outs of the nanny world like the back of her hand! So many things I had never thought to ask, and other agencies had never mentioned were answered by having one conversation with her. She made me feel comfortable no matter what I asked and was available anytime I needed to talk to her outside of the usual 9-5. And I did I mention she was 9 months pregnant at the time! I'm not lying when I say she's basically superwoman. Within 2 weeks I was able to find an amazing new family to work with. All thanks to Kyla.

-Kiarra T

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