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Backup Care //  This is not something we provide at this time. If your provider is going on vacation for more than a week, Kyla would be happy to assist in that search for free. If your nanny needs to call in sick, you can always reach out to Kyla, who will help you free of charge in finding someone. We work alongside many backup care agencies that provide backup care, specifically. 

Sourcing //  It comes down to the exact position and what the client is looking for.  All social media is used along with The Nanny Consultant website, Indeed, and other online resources. Many nannies are referrals and are in her circle.  

Timeline //  It can take less than a week and up to 12 weeks. It all depends on the position.  Any position under 40 hours will take the longest to fill. Keep in mind that most all nannies need to give a one-month to 45-day notice to their current family.  Check out our blog about the perfect timeline here: Timeline Of A Nanny Search .

Rates //  The nanny market in Seattle is very tight.  There are simply not enough qualified nannies to meet the demands of most major cities' childcare predicament and Seattle is included. The main reason is the increase of the cost of living and gas prices.  Each position varies as many things fall into play when developing a rate.  These include the area, market, number of children, duties, desired experience, and the hours provided, though you can expect to pay around $28 to $35 an hour for a Nanny with some being more for part time care and $35 plus for household support. 

Seattle - Eastside

Full Time Nanny

$27 to $30

Benefits // Kyla does have minimums that follow the laws and the standards of the industry:

  1. All domestic employees receive above-board hourly pay with overtime for any hour over 40 hours per week of time and a half.

  2. They also receive a minimum of 2 weeks of PTO, equal to the number of hours that they work weekly. This is usually 1 week of the nanny's choice and 1 week of the parent's choice.

  3. In addition to PTO, they receive paid holidays.

  4. Paid sick time equals 1 hour of earned sick time for every 40 hours worked for WA, and some states offer a bit less. I ask that my clients consider offering 1 hour of earned sick time for every 40 hours worked.

  5. All domestic employees receive guaranteed hours and guaranteed pay. More information is below on guaranteed hours and pay.

  6. Most all nannies prefer to have their mileage reimbursed if driving children in their car.

  7. Some providers will receive a health care stipend and other benefits such as a 401k, holiday and yearly bonuses, toll fees, gym memberships, stipends for enrichment classes, and other perks such as coffee cards and discounts to local businesses depending on where the family works.

Payroll //  This is not something she offers, though many companies provide this service. Kyla highly recommends Homepay.  All clients of The Nanny Consultant receive 1 month free. It is $59 per month to use this service. They handle taxes and payroll.

Areas Serviced //  We service not only the Seattle area, we also service Whatcom, Snohomish, Grays Harbor, Pierce, Island, Kitsap, Walla Walla, Spokane, and Chelan Counties. 

Contract //  Yes, and we believe we have the best one available on the market.  It is packed full of valuable content that will assist you and your nanny through the first year. After the first year, you will want to revisit and update the contract to reflect the coming year. Check out our blog all about what should be included in your Nanny Parent Contract here: What to Include in a Nanny Parent Contract

Guaranteed Hours - Pay // Guaranteed Hours is what nannies receive as a standard benefit, also known as Guaranteed Pay. This means that the nanny would receive a minimum amount of pay for the hours they are contracted for each week– yes, this includes any overtime outlined in their contract. Any hour worked outside of the hours in their contract would be paid out additionally and is to be paid at their hourly rate, including overtime, if it applies. Nannies, by law, are hourly employees and cannot be contracted as salary. Though they can receive Guaranteed Hours and Guaranteed Pay as a non-exempt salary employee, meaning that their pay is broken down to hourly and any additional hours are paid. 

Examples are at $25 per hour and time and a half at the rate of $37.50.

  • If the nanny is contracted for 40 hours a week, the nanny is to be paid 40 hours a week, every week, unless the nanny uses unpaid time off of the nanny's choosing. If there are weeks where the employer utilizes the nanny for less than 40 hours a week, then the parent would still pay them $1000 for that work week. Those extra hours that the employer did not utilize do not get banked- it is illegal to do so outside the one-week pay period and against industry-standard inside the one-week pay period. If the nanny were to work 45 hours a particular week, they would get paid $1187.50. $1000 for the Guaranteed Pay and the 5 hours of overtime at $187.50.


  • If the nanny is contracted for 45 hours a week, they are to be paid for 45 hours a week, including the overtime rate, every week unless the nanny uses unpaid time off. That means the nanny is paid $1187.50 every week of their contract. This includes if there is a holiday in the week and they did not work because you are guaranteeing their hours and pay.


Example of a contract below at 45 hours a week at $25 per hour and $37.50 for overtime.

  • Parents shall pay the employee $25 per hour for the first 40 hours and $37.50 for the 5 overtime hours. 

  • Each week the nanny will be paid a minimum of 45 hours at the minimum weekly rate of $1187.50, even if the Employer decides not to utilize all hours agreed upon in this contract. 

  • If the nanny works additional hours outside of the contracted hours, they will be paid out at the proper hourly rate stated above.

  • The only exception to Guaranteed Hours and Guaranteed Pay would be if the nanny needs to take time off of their choosing and they no longer have PTO hours or sick time hours available.

  • No hours will be banked, even inside the one-week working period.


Parents will follow the laws set forth by the Department of Labor.  Fair Labor Standards Act Notes: With very few exceptions, domestic employees are classified as "non-exempt" (protected) workers, which entitles them to pay for every hour they work at a rate that may not be less than the federal, state and, if applicable, local minimum wage rate.

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