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Interview Questions for the Nanny to Ask Potential Families

Nanny Interviewing

As a nanny agency owner of The Nanny Consultant, I strongly believe that a nanny family interview should be a collaborative process where both parties interview each other.  Sometimes, the nannies do more of the interviewing, and I think it is helpful because many of the questions are open-ended, and it provides a great dialogue between both parties.  It’s vital to understand each other’s preferences and requirements. As a nanny, it can sometimes be challenging to ask questions, especially if you are nervous or intimidated, though I am here to say that asking questions will benefit everyone.  It's important that you spend some time customizing the questions to suit the specific needs and demands of the role.  Read over the family ad and the information the agency and family have already given to you, so you know as much as you can before meeting with the family and can ask thoughtful questions.  I have broken down the interview questions from standard questions, infant questions, and school age questions.   These questions can be broken up if you are going to be completing a virtual meeting and an in-person meeting.


Without further ado, here is the list I believe every nanny should take with them on an interview.



-How do you prefer to communicate during the hiring process? Text, email, phone conversations?

-What hours are you looking to have typically covered? Is there flexibility with those hours?

-Do you find yourself often running late?  Do you need flexibility? 

-Will there be opportunities for overtime? Do you need a date night or weekend care? Do you foresee yourself needing overnights?

 -What length of time do you envision employing a nanny? Are you on any daycare waitlists?

-If your child enrolled in preschool, would you still want me to work as a full-time employee?

-Do you have backup care in the event I am using PTO or sick leave?

-Is there any major allergies I should be made aware of?

-What would a typical day look like for me during the hours you are looking to have childcare?

-What does your naptime routine look like each day for your children?  Are your children on a routine?

-What is your parenting style? Can you give examples of how you might implement that?

-What does your child like to eat during the day?  Do you let them graze? Would you like me to prepare certain meals? Would I be able to shop for ingredients and make meals together with your children?

-What extracurricular activities are your children participating in?

-What brings your children the most joy? What do they enjoy most?

-How would you describe your children’s personalities?

-How would you describe your child's most significant strengths? 

-What do you view as your children’s biggest area for improvement?

-How do you handle behavior that is not desired, and how would you prefer I handle it? Are there any behavioral tendencies I should be made aware of?

-Is your child potty trained? 

-Would you prefer your children go out rain or shine? Do you own rain suits for your children?

-Would you prefer your children to go out for daily outings? Are home days allowed? What outings do they like best? Is there a budget the nanny needs to stick within?

-Can you describe the qualities that would make me a successful candidate for this role? What would make me stand out? What personality traits stand out to you?

-Is there growth potential in this role? Could this turn into a family assistant or house manager role when your children outgrow the need for a nanny?

-Can you inform me about the reasons why the previous nannies left this position and if there were any challenges either of you had?  I would love for you to share how you handled those difficult situations.

-What were some qualities that the previous employee in this role brought to the job that you would like to see carried forward?

-Do you need me to use my vehicle, or can you provide one? 

-What are your family values?

-What do you enjoy doing as a family? What do you typically find yourself doing on the weekends?

-Do you travel often? If so, where do you typically travel to?  Do you need me to go with you?  Have you traveled with a nanny before? If so, how did that experience go?

-What duties are you looking to have completed during the day?

·-Do you have any pets, reptiles included? If so, how do you see them being involved during the day with the nanny?

-Do you have guns in your home? Are they in a gun safe?

-Do you think you might expand your family? 

-(If the family is working from home)  Where are your workspaces located? Will it be a problem if we are being loud and you are on a work call?  Do you have a system in place for the children to know when they can come in to your office and say hi?

-Are you open to using a nanny contract and following state and federal laws? 

-Are you going to be using nanny cams?

-Do you provide meals and snacks?

-Are you wanting me to take your children into grocery stores and go out to eat, to help them learn manners in these settings?



-How is your baby's temperament? 

-Could you tell me what milestones your child is currently working on?

-Would you mind telling me if you are currently breastfeeding your baby or using bottles for feeding? 

-Do you want to feed your baby during the day, or do you prefer a nanny?

-Are you going to be using purees or baby lead weaning when the time comes to move to solids?

-Where is your infant currently sleeping? Are you following the safe sleep standards set by the AAP?

-Does your infant like to be carried, and if they do, what kind of carrier do they prefer?

-Are you comfortable with me taking your little ones on outings when the time comes?

-Are there any medical concerns I need to be made aware of?



-Do your children have access to the internet on their phones? Do you set limits on their phone use? 

-Do you have a tracking device for them?

-If they walk home from school without an adult present, do they have a friend to walk home with?

-Do they need extra support with schoolwork?

-Are they allowed to have friends over after school and during the summer months?

-Are they allowed to go to a friend's home?

-Do they have after-school chores?

-What is the screen time rule for your home?

-Are they allowed free range of the pantry and fridge?

-What will their summer look like?  Will they be attending summer camps? 

-What nights of the week are they in extra-curricular classes?

-Are they going to push boundaries when I start? If so, how is it that you would like me to address that?


Kyla is the accomplished owner and founder of The Nanny Consultant, a highly sought-after nanny agency known for providing exceptional childcare services to families. With years of experience in the industry, Kyla has established herself as a go-to nanny agency for parents seeking reliable, trustworthy, and caring nannies.  She resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest region with her three wonderful children.

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