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Nanny Gift Guide

Now that the Holidays are approaching, you may be wondering how you can show your nanny just how much you appreciate them. Your nanny is not just an employee, but a member of your family and deserves to be acknowledged during the Holidays. I remember back when I was a nanny, (for 16 years) before I started The Nanny Consultant, a national nanny agency, I was so grateful to have families show me appreciation during the Holidays. Let’s face it- your household cannot run smoothly without your nanny, so let's make sure you don’t forget that during this Holiday season. After all, our nannies love our kids as their own and are a valuable part of the family. Finding a way to say thank you to someone who loves your children close to as much as you do, is tricky. Therefore, I produced a little Nanny Gift Guide. These gifts are the perfect way to show a token of appreciation to your nanny.

The most popular is a Holiday bonus in the amount of one-two weeks’ pay. First, you need to know that Holiday bonuses are an industry standard. Since I recommend that industry standards are followed, a Holiday bonus should be strongly considered. If you are worried about a Holiday bonus being not as personal, include a homemade card from you and your children, and make sure to include a handwritten message from you expressing your gratitude. You can include something from the idea's below in addition.

If your nanny is all about self-care, like I am, then getting them a spa gift card would be perfect. Everyone needs a carefree spa day in their life. Back when I was a nanny, I loved getting a spa gift card because self-care days were far in between. Here are three Spa location ideas:

• In Seattle there is Ananya spa which offers massages, scrubs & wraps, facials, spray tans, lashes & brows, and waxing. You can buy one of their gift cards online at

• InSpa is a good one being that they have locations in Bellevue, Issaquah, Mill Creek, Redmond, and Woodinville. They offer facials, manicures, pedicures, Lashes & brows, waxing, massages, and body care. To find out more or to buy a gift card through InSpa go to:

• Olympus Spa has two locations, one in Tacoma and one in Lynnwood. “Olympus Spa believes that one’s true beauty can only be achieved when one feels healthy. In other words, our spa’s focus on restoring and rejuvenating one’s health comes first before achieving anything else.” They offer three different types of gift certificates: Day pass, Packages, or a Specific amount. They have a hydrotherapy pool, infrared energy rooms, a steam room, a restaurant, and a tearoom. Olympus Spa offers body scrubs, massages, skincare, lashes & brows, and nail care. To buy a gift certificate to Olympus spa go to:

If your nanny uses their vehicle to drive your kids around, chances are their car is filled with tiny crumbs, wrappers, stickers, toys and so much more. If a car detail is not included in their contract, consider gifting your nanny a gift certificate to get one done. I know, as a long-term nanny, I loved getting my car detailed any chance I got.

Does your nanny love to travel or has a desire to travel? If so, you can gift your nanny airline miles. If you have a nanny who has a family that is out of state, this practical gift could bring your nanny so much joy. If you have a bunch of extra airline miles, you can provide your nanny the experience of flying home for free.

If you have a timeshare/vacation home, you can always offer a weekend for your nanny to use for personal use. This can give him/her the chance to take a vacation without having the cost of room and board. If that doesn’t feel like enough, you could even throw in a few extra vacation days to go with it.

Amazon gift cards are always a go-to especially if your nanny is newer with your family and you haven’t found where their interests lie. Amazon has something for everyone, they can use it to treat themselves or use it for something that has been waiting in their “save for later” list. Either way, you cannot go wrong with an Amazon gift card.

Glassybaby is my MUST! Glassybaby “creates hand-made objects of beauty. We strive to inspire hope and nurture community along the way.” I love Glassybaby’s mission to spread kindness which is why their products would make the perfect Holiday gift to your nanny. To find out more go to:

Not only are gifts and bonuses appreciated by your nanny, but they are a great incentive. I know that as a nanny when I would get appreciated during the Holidays, it would create a fire inside me to continue to show my nanny family that I am a valuable asset to their family. You would be surprised to hear how many nannies do not feel appreciated during the Holidays so please don’t let your nanny feel that way. Make sure to brighten their Holiday with a sweet gift, whether it is extravagant or a token of appreciation, to show how much you care. I hope this blog helps you by showing you ways you can appreciate your nanny during the Holidays.

Happy Holidays,

Kyla Lopez

The Nanny Consultant - National Nanny Agency Owner

Homeschool Mom of 3 littles

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