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Outdoor Play This Winter in Colorado

How is it already the first day of Winter? It seems like just yesterday I was putting away my three littles’ snow gear and now here I am pulling down the winter clothing totes from the rafters. Let’s bundle those kiddos up and get them outside; I truly believe there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Being a homeschool momma to three, I especially love that winter offers such a unique sensory experience for children of all ages. As a owner of The Nanny Consultant, a national nanny agency, I know first hand how hard it is to get your children outside especially when working full time though the benefits are worth it. Did you know that time spent outside contributes to healthy sleep patterns in babies, toddlers, and older children? Well, now you do so here are some must-do outdoor activities that will motivate you to bundle up and get those kids outside- Colorado style.

If you are looking for a Winter Park, Colorado Adventure Park is the place to go. Located in Fraser, just 70 miles from Denver, they offer rentals for flat tire bikes and snowshoes. Their most popular attraction is single and double tubing for ages 3+. Helmets are required for all riders under the age of 18 years old and are available for free to all guests. The best part is that after you're done playing in the snow, they have fire pits and S’more kits to purchase for a little family fun around the fire. If you are looking for more information go to: .

Ice skating is the perfect family fun activity that will not only burn off some energy, but also bring out some laughter. This is one of my favorite winter activities to do as a family. I recently signed my oldest up for Ice skating lessons and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before she can out-maneuver me on the rink. Downtown Denver Rink is one of our family’s favorite rinks. The best part is if you bring your skates, you get to skate for FREE! To find out about their skate rentals please check out their website at:

The only thing more magical than the twinkle in a child’s eye, is watching the first few snowflakes float slowly to the ground and the joyful giggle they make as they start to roll the bottom ball of a snowman. As soon as I hear an exclamation of snowfall from one of my littles, I know it’s time to pull out the trusty snowman building kit- the foolproof plan to a successful snowman. That way, as soon as there is enough snow on the ground, we can just grab the kit and run outside. The kit I got is off of Amazon and it includes- 1 x Hat, 1x Scarf, 1 x Carrot Nose, 1 x Pipe, 2 x Arms, 5 x Mouth Pegs, 3 x Buttons, and 2 x Round Eyes. The best part is this kit is made with materials that are reusable for many years of fun. Building a snowman can bring out creativity, ingenuity, and imagination. The best challenge that we have is to always aim to build a bigger, better snowman than the year before. What will your family’s first snowman look like?

If you love Skiing, you have to check out Beaver Creek. Not only do they have amazing skiing hills, but at 3:00 pm they offer freshly baked cookies to end a long day on the slopes. Beaver Creek has skiing, lodging, ice skating, tubing, on-hill story time, and ski camps. They offer day, local, and season passes. To find more information about beaver creek you can check out their website at

I hope these outdoor activities encourage you to bundle up and just get outside. Your children will carry these memories for a lifetime and encourage them to share these traditions when they have children of their own. I always like to reward myself after getting my children outside by having a warm beverage, turning on the fireplace, and having a movie marathon on the couch. With all of the options, what winter activity will you do first?


Kyla Lopez

Homeschool Mom to Three Littles Owner

The Nanny Consultant

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