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Showing Gratitude This Week and Beyond - Denver Area

The Thanksgiving we know today, is all about showing gratitude and making memories with friends and family. Growing up, I distinctly remember that the week leading up to Thanksgiving my parents would pull a large brown box out of the garage and write “gratitude” in big, bold letters. As soon as I saw that box I knew it was time to get to work, and that meant purging time. My siblings and I were VERY competitive so we turned it into a game- who could find the most clothing to donate? While going through our clothes our parents would explain to us the importance of donating. They would explain that even though we may not like the color of last year’s coat, there are underprivileged children who would be extremely grateful for a warm coat each winter. I remember feeling so guilty for complaining about the color of my coat and wanting to give as much as I could.

Now that I am a mother, I have carried on this tradition to my children. As a mom, I understand how quickly our kids grow out of clothing, including necessary seasonal items such as rain boots, winter hats and winter coats. The first step in deciding to do a Thanksgiving purge is choosing a nonprofit to donate to. Below are a few in our area that are more than worthy of your under-utilized clothing items.

Clothes to Kids of Denver is there to help youth gain confidence by providing new and gently used clothes to children in need. They have a boutique like setting that allows low income youth and their families to shop for free. Their vision is “that all students will have the clothing they need to feel comfortable, confident and prepared to thrive.” Currently they’re in need of boys/young men's coats sized 4t- XXL. You can find more information on their website:

Denver Rescue Mission accepts a little of everything- please check out their website ( to see what they accept as a donation. Their mission is to “help restore the lives of people experiencing homelessness and addiction through emergency services, rehabilitation, transitional programs, and community outreach.” They accept donations Monday- Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm.

Impact locally accepts clothing, hygiene and gear such as sleeping bags, backpacks, and gloves. Their mission “is to help individuals and families who are in need and homeless to regain their humanity by providing programs that provide both short and long-term solutions.” They have one drop off location and you can find their donation hours on their website:

Now that you have your nonprofit picked out, find a large box and let your kids decorate it. Once your box is decorated it’s time to get to purging. Taking this time to talk to your kids about needs vs. wants will help them fully grasp the idea of what being grateful looks like. This is a perfect activity to grow closer as a family while teaching your kids an invaluable life lesson.


Kyla Lopez

National Nanny Agency Owner - The Nanny Consultant

Homeschool Mom of Three Littles

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