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What to Include in a Nanny Parent Contract

Looking for tips on what to include in your nanny parent contract? As the agency owner of The Nanny Consultant, I offer my contract to any family or nanny completely free of charge. If you would like a copy, please email my team at Many families and nannies decide to create their own. contracts which is entirely okay.

After 8 years in business, I have narrowed down the most important things to include in your contract.

NAMES AND CONTRACT TERM // Include both parties’ names and dates the contract is in effect. Most long-term contracts are one year. A month or two before the one-year mark, find time to sit down with the other party, negotiate the following year, and update the contract to reflect any changes.

TRIAL PERIOD // Every contract needs a trial period to protect everyone in case the match isn’t working out well. I recommend a 2-week trial period, where either party can terminate the agreement for any reason without warning.

START DATE AND ADDRESS // Include the family’s home address, the nanny’s start date, and the names of all the children.

WORK SCHEDULE // To avoid any confusion, create a very detailed nanny work schedule. This is where you will list out the hours for each work day. Include how much notice will be given if extended hours are needed and how hours will be tracked.

PAY RATE/GUARANTEED HOURS // Include the nanny’s hourly rate and the hourly rate for all overtime hours. Outline the number of guaranteed hours per week, which should equal the number of hours in the nanny’s weekly schedule. Include a late payment clause that indicates the late fee if the nanny is paid late.

TAX INFORMATION // Clarifying tax expectations are essential to avoid any surprises come tax time. A nanny is a household employee who will need to complete an I-9 form and receive a W-2 form come tax time.

HOLIDAY PAY // List out all paid holidays to avoid any confusion. Include the compensation in the event the nanny is to work on one of the paid holidays.

LEAVE WITHOUT PAY // This section should state the required amount of notice before taking unpaid time off and should have a max number of hours that can be taken off, unpaid per year.

SICK DAYS // Every state’s laws differ regarding paid sick leave. Check out your local laws or email us at for assistance.

VACATION DAYS // Every family offers different vacation packages. Go into detail on who determines which vacation days, when the vacation days come into effect, how much notice is required for taking vacation days, and what happens with remaining vacation leave when the contract ends or either party terminates the agreement.

VEHICLE CLAUSE // If the nanny’s car is required for work purposes, a car detail clause should be included. Additional compensation should also be given to the nanny if the child becomes sick in their vehicle or damages the vehicle requiring repairs. An insurance clause requiring the nanny to hold proper car insurance should also be included. If the car insurance costs more each month to transport the children, the difference in cost should be reimbursed to the nanny monthly. This section should state that the employer is responsible for purchasing the appropriate car seat(s) and for proper car seat installation. Mileage reimbursement should be included at the current IRS reimbursement rate at a minimum.

CELL PHONE POLICY // A cell phone policy ensures both parties are on the same page regarding cellphone use while the children are awake, napping, and while the nanny is driving.

CONFIDENTIALITY // Working in a family’s home is incredibly personal. A confidentiality clause is important to ensure the employer’s privacy both during and after the contract has ended.

COVID-19 // In today’s world, a Covid clause is necessary. Every family and nanny will approach Covid differently. This ensures everyone is on the same page when exposure, symptoms, and positive test results arise.

CPR AND FIRST AID // Requiring your employee to have current CPR and First Aid certification in the contract is standard.

DRIVERS LICENSE AND LEGAL PAPERWORK // This section will require the employee to report to the employer any changes related to their driver’s license or legal work status in the US.

EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITIES // All duties specific to your family and the role should be listed here. Be as detailed as possible when listing out each duty.

GUIDELINES FOR RELEASING CHILDREN // For safety purposes, it is important to include who is permitted to pick up the children from the nanny or release them of their duty. A code word or a driver’s license requirement are both good ideas to include.

HOUSEHOLD ACCOUNT // This section should outline the use of a credit card or petty cash for all expenses incurred while the nanny is on duty.

ILLNESSES // Covering the protocol for illnesses is critical. I recommend covering specific circumstances such as when the child comes down with a fever or specific infectious diseases such as hand foot and mouth, lice, pink eye, etc.

SEVERE WEATHER // What will the arrangement be when snow is on the ground and the nanny cannot come to work? How will this be handled in terms of PTO? This section will cover all of that. Remember, your nanny may be driving a reasonable distance from your home, so the clause should also consider their location’s weather.

GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE TERMINATION // This section should include reasons for immediate termination for the nanny and the employer.

TERMINATION // Here is where the required notice period should be listed, along with any severance clause.


  • Overnights

  • Additional children

  • Bereavement leave

  • Continuing education stipend

  • Healthcare stipend

  • Travel

  • Vaccination requirements

  • Annual bonuses

  • Raises

Each family’s needs are different; therefore, every contract will look slightly different. Remember, open communication is essential in a functional nanny/family relationship. A detailed contract will provide the answers to many of the most common conflicts. The Nanny Consultant’s nanny parent contract template includes all that is listed above, plus more. If you would like a copy, please email us at


Kyla Lopez

The Nanny Consultant

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