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All Things Holiday Related

Winter is near, and the holidays are just around the corner! So, grab your coat, gloves, snow boots, and don’t forget your parent-nanny contract! Your contract will be key to approaching the holiday season. Here at The Nanny Consultant, I am getting many inquiries regarding appropriate holiday bonuses, gift ideas for household employees, and what happens in the case of snow. I thought a blog post would be perfect for covering all these topics.

HOLIDAY BONUSES// This topic comes up often on the nanny–parent Facebook groups and amongst us agency owners. There is a standard though some families choose to go over, and some give great gifts – like a trip away. The standard bonus is 1 to 2 weeks’ pay. Remember, these bonuses need to be run through payroll. Some families will do a bit less, though, send their nanny away with a friend or significant other on an all-expenses-paid trip. If your nanny is going above and beyond and is doing a fantastic job, then, of course, you want to be on the higher end, if possible. I totally understand it may not be possible right now with the inflation and the increased possibility of a recession.

HOLIDAY GIFTS// If you know me, I love giving gifts and surprising those I care about with random outings, nannies and clients included. Even though I am a gift giver, I still get stressed when trying to come up with the perfect gift. Thankfully I have been in this field for many years on both ends and have gathered some great gift ideas throughout the years. Just a reminder, gifts are on top of the bonus. My number one go-to is always a Glassy Baby. They are locally made, unique, and beautiful, and this company gives back. Since 2021 and as of October 25th, 2022, Glassy Baby has donated $12,982,267 to organizations worldwide. Some other ideas include a spa day or a massage. Working with little ones all day can be hard physically and mentally, because of this, offering a service so your nanny can get some time for self-care is always a great idea. Also, who doesn’t like chocolate? If you’re in a pinch, chocolate is a go-to. A piece of jewelry or even an extra day or two off are some things you can guarantee will make your nanny smile. Lastly, if you can find the time, a handmade gift from the child is always a heart warmer. You could make a card that the child colors and ask the child questions about the nanny and fill in the answers inside the card. Some examples are: Why do you like hanging out with _______? Why do they bring you joy? What is your favorite activity you like doing with ________?

TIME OFF DURING THE HOLIDAYS// Many families have the luxury of taking time off from Christmas to New Year’s Day and do not need care during this time. I often get asked, does the nanny still get paid? Yes, guaranteed hours cover all the hours that you do not need your nanny to come in. Many nannies value this time off to relax and finish up holiday to-do’s or take a trip back home to visit their families, especially this year as everyone seems to be back to traveling, though nannies understand if they are needed during this busy time.

TRAVELING DURING THE HOLIDAYS// Oh, what fun it is to ride (insert best singing voice here..kidding) ….. an airplane away! I get asked all the time, can I ask my nanny to house-sit? Well, yes, you can ask, though be prepared to pay the standard housesitting rates and also understand if you get a no from your nanny. It should not be expected that they will housesit unless it is agreed upon prior to and in your parent-nanny contract.

SNOW DAYS// While they are fun for the kids, they are not as fun for the adults. The rule of thumb is that if the schools in the districts the parent or nanny lives in are closed, then your nanny should not be expected to come in, and guaranteed hours will apply. One option is to have the parent pick up the nanny if they are comfortable driving in the snow and have the proper snow tires. Remember to check in with your nanny about their comfort level. Some nannies who live under a mile have walked to work as well. One time I stayed

at my nanny family’s house for a week as the roads were so bad, and they had room for me and my pups. At the end of the day, we want everyone to be safe and feel comfortable. Sometimes work can be done from the nanny’s home, like researching new activities, camps, and outings. They could take a child-focused class, too, as there are many online.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to send me an email at

Happy Holidays,

Kyla Lopez

The Nanny Consultant

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