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The Best Ice Cream Shops to Beat the Heat

Ah, ice cream – the frozen dessert that brings happiness to people of all ages. Whether it’s a hot summer day or a treat for good behavior, ice cream always manages to lift our moods and satisfy our sweet cravings. And let’s not forget about the vast array of flavors that ice cream comes in today – from classic vanilla and chocolate to more exotic ones like lavender and black sesame. And not to mention the different types of ice cream, such as gelato, sorbet, and soft serve. The world of ice cream is truly a delicious and diverse one. But perhaps what makes ice cream unique is the memories and emotions associated with it. Who doesn’t have fond childhood memories of running after the ice cream truck or enjoying a cone with friends on a hot summer day? Ice cream has a way of bringing people together and creating moments of happiness and joy.

As many of you know, in addition to owning The Nanny Consultant, I have three young children, and we all love trying out new ice cream shops. So without further ado, here are our favorite ice shops/hacks!

SWANKY SCOOP// Over on the Eastside, we stumbled upon Swanky Scoop while walking around downtown Woodinville, and the delicious scent of ice cream caught our attention. We followed our noses to the new artisan ice cream shop. We walked in to find a friendly shopkeeper behind the counter, surrounded by a mouth-watering array of flavors (they rotate the flavors daily). I couldn't resist trying a few samples, and three of us ended up deciding on a generous scoop of Death by Chocolate - Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake and chocolate sauce. It was a 10/10. They serve several non-dairy options, and their website shows possible allergens for each flavor.

SALT & STRAW// I first discovered Salt & Straw in Portland on a trip and went back a few times before we headed home. I even bought some swag. I was one of the first to visit their shop when they opened here in WA. With Shops in Capitol Hill, Ballard, and Totem Lake, they make it easy to try this must-have ice cream. They have non-dairy options - which I always prefer and endless options of flavors.

MOLLY MOON’S// When it comes to ice cream flavors, the possibilities are endless. While classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate will always be popular, many of us are always on the lookout for something more unique and adventurous. Molly Moon’s has you covered with all of its unique flavors. Their current seasonal flavors include Calamansi Cream Cake, German Chocolate Cake, New York Cheesecake, and Vegan Blueberry Pie. With locations all over, it is easy to make a quick stop, though do be prepared for long lines on hot days.

DICK'S BURGERS// We can’t forget this Seattle staple. If you have not had their Rocky Road ice cream, you are missing out. While my children go for the milkshakes and root beer floats, I stick to the simple cone. Nothing fancy here, though the traditional flavors are a 10/10. They are especially good after indulging in their cheeseburgers and fries.

COSTCO// As a large family, we hit up Costco twice weekly, and about once a month, we satisfy our sweet tooth in our favorite hack. We purchase two plain ice creams and two drinks, and I put ½ the ice cream in each drink cup and pour root beer over the top of each, and just like that, we have root beer floats. It is the perfect treat after going through Costco with three kiddos!

SNOQUALMIE ICE CREAM// We discovered Snoqualmie Ice Cream years ago; they would hold a race where you would visit different businesses from Carnation to Darrington. If you are curious, we won! Their Ice Cream is just as they describe, “Snoqualmie Ice Cream is a family-owned company that makes both super-premium organic and all-natural craft ice cream in Snohomish (Maltby), Washington. Our organic ice creams are French-style frozen custards with extra cream, lots of eggs, and very little air, creating a rich and velvety treat. We use simple ingredients from the Pacific Northwest, including USDA Organic-certified, grass-fed milk and cream, eggs, and berries. We make our ice cream in small batches with more cream and less air to make the most premium ice cream. Everything we make is vat-pasteurized to slow cook the ingredients without scorching the cream and allowing each flavor to have its own unique recipe.” You can find their ice cream all over though they have two shops that you can visit in Snohomish and Maltby.

Kids and ice cream seem to have an inseparable relationship. The joy on their faces, when they get a chance to indulge in their favorite flavor is priceless. It's a treat that unites children from all backgrounds, and there's no doubt that it will continue to be a source of happiness for generations to come. Which one of these must-stop shops will you try?

And as you savor each creamy bite, remember that life is like ice cream – enjoy it before it melts away.


Owner and Founder of The Nanny Consultant

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