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In compliance with federal law, all persons hired will be required to verify identity and eligibility to work in the United States and to complete the required employment eligibility verification document form upon hire.

Please note that these positions do not allow another child to be brought to the job.  If there is a position that would allow for that it will be noted in the ad. 

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Laurelhurst Nanny Needed 

A past client of mine in the Laurelhurst area of Seattle is searching for a full-time nanny for their two children. Their girls are 3 and 5 years old and are both thriving in school. Their oldest is just getting in the rhythm of full day kindergarten and their youngest, who is a social butterfly, attends preschool three days a week. These girls love their after-school activities; currently their youngest is in ballet. When not in school or after-school activities these two LOVE everything outside – walks, scooters, bikes, parks, beach club, trampoline, etc. When not outside- building forts, cooking and coloring is a must. Together, as a family, you can find them having family dance parties, telling jokes, beach club BBQs, hiking, and lots of home cooking.

ABOUT THE NANNY: They desire a nanny who is great at communicating not only with the parents but with the children. This family appreciates someone who is reliable and will take the initiative to step in or help when needed. They value someone who is excited about having a partnership in guiding the girls to develop strong social skills and emotional intelligence. The nanny will be in charge of picking up both children from school and driving them home or to their after-school activities. When not in school and activities, they would love for their nanny to spend time with the girls at the park, biking, jumping on their trampoline, going to the library and coloring. When both girls are in school, they are looking for help with some household chores like kids’ laundry and lunch prep.

FROM THE NANNY: “I worked with the J Family for over a year, and every moment of my time with them was a complete joy. They are warm, respectful, and communicative people. Their home is welcoming and organized, with plenty of art supplies, toys, puzzles, games, and books. Their two children are the lights that made the job so special. They are playful, thoughtful, creative, loving, and always put a smile on my face!

The J Family consistently valued me and my time, and my positive relationship with them strengthened my relationship with the kids. The trust they placed in me created a work environment with potential for growth. The J Family are kind and thoughtful, and I am lucky to have met them and be welcomed into their wonderful family.”

START DATE: By January 3, 2022

DAYS/HOURS: Can be a bit flexible but they are happy to guarantee 40 hours.

M: 8:00am-6:00pm

T: 12:00pm-6:30pm

W: 12:00pm-6:30pm

T: 12:00pm-6:30pm

F: 8:00am-6:00pm

RATE: Up to $35/hour

LONGEVITY: Two years desired


-Guaranteed hours

-Paid holidays

-Legally accrued sick leave


Redmond Family Assistant - Nanny Needed 

My newest clients are in the Redmond area and will be moving to Woodinville (Hollywood Hills) in the Summer of 2022 when their new home should be completed. This family is searching for a wonderful nanny and family assistant for their three sweet girls. They are a Christian family, and their faith is a key part of their lives.  A nanny who will respect their beliefs and will share their basic values, morals, and overall parenting style is important to them. Their oldest is in 2nd grade, her sister is in kindergarten, and the youngest is 21 months.  The older two are involved in many after school activities: swimming, ice skating, soccer, and tennis.  They both just learned to ride their bikes this Summer and would love a nanny that would enjoy getting them out on some rides. Their oldest can be described as the rule follower and is very respectful. She is very shy and timid but warms up to close family and friends.  Their 5-year-old enjoys learning and even taught herself how to read.  She has a knack for writing and will spend her free time writing elaborate stories using her wild imagination.  She can be described as curious, very sweet, and learns things easily. Their youngest is a social butterfly.  She enjoys doing what her sisters are doing.  She is in preschool and has a big personality.  


As a family they very much enjoy boating in the summer, travel and spending quality time together.  They strive to be healthy and take preventative measures for all colds and viruses along with leading a healthy lifestyle. They believe in autonomy over personal medical decisions


ABOUT THE NANNY: They hope to find a nanny who will love their girls and will become a true extension of their family for years to come.  Their past nanny was with them for 4 years and they are hoping to find a nanny that would enjoy a long-term role.  They would love a nanny who will strive to be a role model for the girls and will lead by example daily. All the girls love doing crafts, so a nanny who enjoys coming up with fun projects they could all do together would be wonderful.  While the girls are in school, they would love the nanny to run some errands and complete some household tasks like laundry, dishes, toy clean up and some dinner prep.   If the nanny happens to have a teaching degree, they would love to ask the nanny to schedule some tutoring hours with their oldest. Lastly, someone who is punctual and reliable. 


START DATE: As soon as the right fit is found


HOURS/DAYS: At a minimum Monday and Tuesday 2 -6p, Wednesday 3-7p, Thursday 2- 7p, Friday 11a to 6p. They can add in additional hours for the FA duties. Please share your desired hours on the application when applying as the start and end times can be flexible.  The family is also interested in date night hours if the nanny is willing/available


RATE: Around $35/hour depending on experience and duties


LONGEVITY: Years to come

RELOCATIONThis family is offering a relocation package 


TRAVEL: They would love to find a nanny who will travel with them as they travel both international and domestically



-Guaranteed hours

-Legally accrued sick leave

-Paid holidays


-XC-90 available while working 

Redmond Nanny Needed 



A family in Redmond is looking for a really wonderful and experienced part time nanny/family assistant to join their soon to be family of five for at least the next year. They have two children who are 3.5-years-old (boy) and 1.5-year-old (girl). Their baby brother will make his arrival in early December. You can find their oldest playing chase and being a mini engineer -he loves learning the mechanics of how things work and with that he loves to take things apart and put them back together adding things as he goes. He is also a huge fan of pretend play. Their 1.5-year-old is a total love bug. She is happy chasing her brother around the house, building blocks, playing with balls, and loves a good peek-a-boo session. The simple things in life are what is important to this family. Going to downtown Kirkland to throw rocks in a lake is one of their favorite things to do together. They value spending quality time as a family, whether that means snuggling reading books on the couch, blowing bubbles outside, or going on nature walks in the woods. They encourage messy play and really need a nanny that is into all kids of play. Both children are enrolled in enrichment activities that mom may need help getting them to and from. Such as music, preschool, and a toddler group. They have trails around them and many local parks to explore.

ABOUT THE NANNY: They are searching for a nanny that is going to be present – someone that truly enjoys getting on their level and connecting with them. A nanny with multiple child experience and managing sibling dynamics is a must. Qualities they are looking for in a nanny are patience, warmth, dependability, and someone with a positive and happy disposition. Someone who’s ability to multi-task is a must, for example, building a structure with their oldest while simultaneously playing with and including their toddler in the activity. They need a nanny who can jump in when they see something that needs to get done. This may mean chopping some veggies for dinner (even cooking dinner if the nanny loves to cook) that night while mom spends time with the children, and vice versa, folding laundry, and general pick up.

START DATE: January 1st 2022

HOURS/DAYS: 24 hours a week +/-. Flexible to nanny’s preference. Open to doing 3 long days or 5 days a week divided how the nanny needs

RATE: Around $30 an hour or more depending on experience

LONGEVITY: At least one year, hopefully longer

View Ridge Nanny Needed 

A previous client of mine in the View Ridge area of Seattle is searching for an amazing after school nanny for their two children.  I placed a nanny with them four years ago that has made an everlasting impact on their lives and they are excited to make memories with their new nanny.  Their daughter who is 9 loves all things books and is a total bookworm! She will spend hours upon hours reading. She is also really enjoying dance class right now and of course spending time with her friends. Her brother who is 7 can be described as incredibly creative. He loves to write plays, stories, and songs. Cooking and baking is another big hobby of his. This family loves playing games together. Two of their current favorites are Clue and Monopoly. They also love spending time together outdoors going on walks, doing U-picks, and heading to the beach when the weather is nice. Eating dinner together every night is a special part of their routine, along with their pizza/movie night on Fridays that they all look forward to. They have an Aussie - Doodle puppy born just this year, so dog (and puppy) lovers are encouraged to apply. 


ABOUT THE NANNY: They would love to find a nanny who is kind, extraordinarily dependable, and has good communication skills. Someone who is even-keeled and a self starter is a must. The general routine will consist of picking up the children from school and driving them home or to their after-school activities such as dance and play rehearsals. After their activities, they will start their homework and have some down time at the house. During this time, they would love their nanny to take the dog outside and prepare the children's lunches for the next school day. 


FROM THEIR CURRENT NANNY: "I feel incredibly fortunate to have spent the last 4+ years with this wonderful family!  Both parents are kind, welcoming, hardworking, and viscerally devoted to their children. I have felt undoubtedly respected in my role as a nanny and have always been treated as a part of the family. 


The children are a pair of the two brightest lights you could ever imagine! There is no shortage of love, laughter, imagination, and FUN when it comes to those two. Child A (9) is a passionate reader, an enthusiastic learner, and has the most considerate personality. 


Child B (7) was born to perform, LOVES a good project, and effortlessly looks through rose-colored glasses. Both kids are great communicators and will always let you know when they need some independent time, a playmate, or (most commonly) a snack!"


START DATE: January 2022


HOURS/DAYS: Flexible, Ideally at a min Monday-Friday 3:00p-6:00p though they could do just 3 or 4 days a week for the right person. Additional hours can be available.  They are offering up to 20-25 guaranteed hours a week


RATE: Up to $35/hour 


LONGEVITY: Many years to come 



-Guaranteed hours 

-Mileage reimbursement 

-Legally accrued sick leave 

-Paid holidays 


Woodinville Nanny Needed 

A family in Woodinville is searching for a nanny first and foremost for her three children who are 8, 10 and 12 years old. Though they can provide hours for household management tasks. Mom is a single mom and needs an extra hand to help support them all. They enjoy going on fun family trips, jumping on their trampoline, riding bikes, walking the dogs and swimming in their pool. They all are enrolled in afterschool activities such as soccer, softball, and basketball. They have 2 small dogs, a Maltese Poodle and a Cavachon, that they love playing outside with as well. The children specifically love skiing and spend a lot of time skiing during the winter months. As a family they enjoy watching movies together, spending time with friends and family, and traveling. The oldest two have ADHD and are getting the support they need and it is a must that their nanny is a team member and will foster and support them through the years to come.

ABOUT THE NANNY: They are looking for someone who will take an interest in their children and who will help them grow into kind and responsible adults. This person will hopefully be able to emotionally connect with the three of them and will be capable of holding boundaries while remaining flexible, calm, and compassionate. A nanny who understands the hustle and bustle of having three older children and will be able to transport them to/from school and extra-curricular activities and appointments. Some duties the nanny would be asked to complete while the children are in school include helping prepare dinner, family laundry, running errands, and some household organization. Mom does travel often and would love a nanny who would be willing to dog sit while they are away, for extra compensation. Though it is not a must. Overnights every few weeks are a need that will also come with extra compensation

MESSAGE FROM PREVIOUS NANNY: "They are amazing people who make you feel part of the family. The kids are so sweet and well behaved. The mom is flexible about taking care of the kids and she has good communication which is key to working together as a team. It is a very rewarding position."

START DATE: Flexible, between now and January 2022

OVERNIGHTS: Overnights every few weeks is required and will come with extra compensation

Below is the ideal 2 week schedule to fill:

M: 6:30 or 7-8am plus 2 hours household and then 3-7pm
T: 6:30 or 7-8am plus 2 hours household and then 3-7pm
W: 6:30 or 7-8am, plus 2 hours household and then 3-9pm + overnight (Mom travels to Texas every other Wednesday AM until Friday PM)
Th: 6:30 or 7-8am, plus 2 hours household and then off at school drop off 8a during school year and mid-day to afternoon in summer (Dog Sitting Optional)
F: OFF (Dog Sitting Optional)

TOTAL: 22-26 hours (8 hours household can be flexible)

M: 2 hours household help and 3-7pm
T: 6:30 or 7-8am, 2 hours household help and 3-7pm
W: 6:30 or 7-8am, 2 hours household help and 3-9pm (one child has Youth Group that ends at 8:30 need help driving)
Th: 6:30 or 7-8am, 2 hours household help and then 3-7pm
F: 6:30 or 7-8am, 2 hours household help if desired by nanny

TOTAL: 30-34 hours (10 hours household can be flexible)

LONGEVITY: Long term

RATE: Up to $35/hour depending on experience

TRAVEL: They have a second home in San Juan Islands, in Cascade Mountains and in Texas, and they go on at least one international and numerous domestic trips every year. Occasional travel assistance would be a plus


-Guaranteed hours

-Legally accrued sick leave

-Paid holidays

-1-week PTO the nanny’s choice and 6 week’s PTO of the family’s choice

-Skiing including lessons if the nanny is interested

-Cadillac Escalade or Tesla Model X while on the job

-Unique travel opportunities/experiences