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Bellevue Nanny Needed Part Time

A Bellevue family is looking to find a fantastic afternoon nanny for her 10 and 15-year-old children! These two are intelligent, funny, and active kids. They play both enjoy playing sports and instruments. Her oldest (son) takes AP classes and other classes one grade above his current grade. He is proud to say he achieved straight A's last semester. He plays electric guitar and is in a band. His major sport is baseball - he plays it almost year-round. His sister loves various sports (soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, and swimming) and plays the violin. She is creative and artistic - she loves to draw and do crafts. She is in the advanced learning program at her school as well.

This is a single-parent home. This family enjoys traveling, hiking, watching fun family shows, and hanging out with family and friends. They are active and love spending time outside when the weather is nice. This family has a sweet puppy who is fully trained and will be attending doggie daycare.

FAMILY VALUES: We value honesty, integrity, and kindness. I try to emphasize the importance of hard work and perseverance. We are a Christian family and try to follow the general principles of kindness and love. We are also open-minded and not conservative in our philosophies and ideals.”

ABOUT THE NANNY: They would like someone kind and invested in the children's well-being. They can set boundaries and keep the kids responsible for their tasks. They would love a nanny with a strong work ethic and who remains engaged with the kids. Mom works in the medical field and cannot be absent for a given shift, so she needs someone who is timely and consistent. “The kids do well when a caregiver can provide structure and clear expectations of tasks and responsibilities. They enjoy providers that have a lot of energy and enthusiasm.“ This position would be great for a college student who can commit to a minimum of a year.

RATE: Up to $40 an hour

HOURS: 3-5 days a week, 3-7 M, T, Th, and/or F, 12:30-6:30 Wednesdays. Additional help is optional for mornings, Sunday evenings, and occasional overnights.  Morning hours are available if the nanny would prefer more hours.

LONGEVITY: Long term, the youngest will need assistance for years to come if it works out well.

START DATE: As soon as the right provider is found.


-Guaranteed hours

-Paid sick time per WA State law

-2 weeks PTO

-Mileage reimbursement

-If the nanny wanted six weeks off during the summer to travel unpaid, that time can be arranged

Kirkland Nanny Needed (Toddler)

My newest client in the Juanita neighborhood of Kirkland is seeking a wonderful hands-on nanny for their adorable newly 1-year-old girl. This adventurous little one loves going out for walks around the neighborhood, rain or shine, being sung to and listening to music, and playing with various activities. Now that she is a bit older, she has been painting and loves it. On the weekends, you can find them taking walks to local parks or checking out the zoo. They love squeezing in time to meet friends at new restaurants to try a new dish and catch up with friends! This family has no pets and has a backyard to play in.

ABOUT THE NANNY: This family is looking for a toddler nanny extraordinaire! Someone who thrives in providing developmentally appropriate activities such as sensory bins, art projects, or other activities that will encourage their continued growth. These parents will happily provide any and all materials the nanny needs to allow open-ended play, arts and crafts, and sensory activities. They are eager to find someone nurturing, invested, reliable, communicative, safety conscious, and, above all else, someone who genuinely loves their job and is excited to come to work each day. This family is excited to see the bond between their nanny and daughter flourish.

FAMILY VALUES: One of their main values is honesty, which means being straightforward and truthful with each other. They cherish and value true and strong friendships as they are difficult to come by. In addition, they value not only spending time with their parents and siblings but also their extended family. Family is everything. Honesty and open, healthy communication are key to this family. Finally, expressing gratitude and displaying appreciation holds equal importance to them.

START DATE: Ideally, November 2023, though they would consider a December start date.

DAYS/HOURS: Monday-Friday, 45 hours per week, 7a – 4p, flexible to start as late as 8a and end as late as 5p. In addition, they can offer Fridays as a ½ day if the nanny prefers.

RATE: Around $35/hour



- Guaranteed hours

- Legally accrued sick leave

- Paid holidays

- Mileage reimbursement

- 2 weeks PTO

Kirkland Nanny Needed (Nanny Share)

Two highly recommended families are seeking a nanny for their little ones, who will be around 4 and 6 months old when the position begins. These families live just a mile apart in downtown Kirkland. They can be described as easy-going, kind, and appreciative. The babies are as sweet as they come and are loving all the snuggles. These families enjoy hiking, taking walks around Kirkland, traveling, spending quality time with family and friends, and exploring the great outdoors. Family A has a dog - Gus - a sweet and mellow 5-year-old, 60 lb. doodle mix, and Family B does not have any pets. Both families have wonderful, fully fenced yards and are within walking distance to downtown and many parks for an easy outing, including one of my favorites.

ABOUT THE NANNY: The families are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable nanny who can provide excellent care for their children, ensuring their safety, health, and well-being. The ideal candidate must have a good understanding of sleep best practices, have experience in fostering developmental milestones that occur in the first 18 months of life, and be able to support the transition to solid foods. The nanny must be patient, nurturing, and able to create a stimulating environment that encourages learning and development. Someone who is flexible, easygoing, and who has excellent communication skills will fit in well with our group.

FROM THE NEWBORN CARE SPECIALIST:  "Providing overnight care for this family has been a dream. They are very thoughtful and caring parents who immediately welcomed me into their home. Their daughter is the cutest and happiest babe on the block. Any nanny would be lucky to work with this family." Hannah

FAMILY A CORE VALUES: In their household, they place great importance on spending meaningful time together as a family, whether engaging in activities or simply enjoying each other's company. Patience, kindness, and honesty are core values that they strive to embody in their interactions with one another.

FAMILY B CORE VALUES: This family enjoys spending time together outdoors and has a big passion for travel. They are close to their family and friends and love family get-togethers. They value love, compassion, and kindness in their household and are most excited to be new parents to an adorable baby girl!

START DATE: January 2024

HOURS: 40 hours a week, 8:30a to 4:30p, with some flexibility on each end.

RATE: Around 45 per hour, DOE. Please share your desired rates in the application.

LONGEVITY: 2 - 5 years


- Guaranteed hours

- Legally accrued sick leave

- Paid holidays

- 2 weeks of PTO

- Mileage Reimbursement

Magnolia Family Assistant Needed

A family in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood is looking for a wonderful nanny/family assistant for their boys, ages 4 and 2. Eventually, when the timing is right, their soon-to-be sister too! Their youngest is quite the extrovert who wakes up happy and loves leaving the house and going on adventures, endless dance parties, going on walks around the neighborhood, being read all age-appropriate books, blowing and popping bubbles, being pushed in a swing until your arms fall off, all the snacks and he especially loves popsicles.  He is great at making messes and cleaning them up, eating all the berries, and taking good naps.  Like most toddlers, he can get impatient and frustrated, though really, he's hysterical- a real ham. Their oldest is an introvert and prefers playing independently, drawing, painting, coloring, building creations with his magnetic blocks and tiles, going to the movies, collecting treasures, and he would honestly rather stay home. Being cozy is his jam (wearing pajamas, sitting with his stuffed animal avocado in his "cozy corner" with a big blanket) though once out, he enjoys being at the playground. 

As a family, they enjoy going on adventures. They will go to the beach, go to the park and run around, go to restaurants and share french fries, find Seattle-specific activities like the bounce castle fair, bug day at the zoo, find the biggest donut at a farmers' market, and splash at a water park. Mom keeps a notecard of all the parks in the city, and they will often choose a new one at random and just drive to different cities for the day to check out a new place.  They also enjoy family time at home. Mom likes to bake (the kids help) and meal prep. Dad watches sports with the kids, builds pillow forts (or, lately, a "pillow hot tub"), throws baseballs around in the backyard, plays with chalk and markers, and destroys and reassembles the sofa. 

FAMILY VALUES: This family values open-mindedness, diversity of perspectives, and love of nature and outdoors, humor, and keeping things in perspective. They are so grateful for their children that when parenting gets frustrating, they remember, "These are the problems we prayed to have." They laugh and don't sweat the small stuff.  They also value perseverance. They encourage their kids to work through problems, be self-compassionate when they get upset, and move on. Lastly, they value flexibility. The only constant they have noticed in parenting is change. They often have to pivot at the moment, and it helps when everyone can roll with the punches and have a good attitude about it. 

FROM THE BABYSITTERS:  “I had the privilege of working for nearly two years with this family, and it truly felt like being a part of their wonderful family. They are joyful and supportive, and the kids are some of the sweetest and most enjoyable to care for.” Gabriela


“I have been working for this family since April. They are extremely respectful and expect the same from the kids, always communicate when something will change, and never have been late at the end of the day.  The children are polite, and the parents work hard to make you work easier; they have a good and easy routine, they are very lovely and smart, and they are always up to play. I can say that they always did everything to make me comfortable in their house, and we never had any issues.” Nanny Isabella

"I had the honor of working with this family. Their oldest brought so much joy to my life. When my schedule shifted to where I couldn’t remain with them long-term, I still jumped at the chance for random days and date nights because I just loved hanging out with them that much! The parents are caring, supportive, flexible, and hilarious. I always felt welcome and comfortable in their home. The boys are kind, respectful, creative, FUN, and so loving. If I still lived in Washington, I would work with them again in a heartbeat." Natasha

"I have been working with their youngest for almost three years since and with the youngest his whole life. They are amazing kids. They are cute, energetic, funny, and full of curiosity. They love books, buildings, art, and so many things.


One has a big imagination and is a natural artist! He likes being home, his pajamas, and listening to stories. He loves superheroes and dreams up new plans and projects every day! The other kiddo LOOVES food!, the moon, and music (Baby Beluga from Raffi & Moonshadow from Cat Stevens). He really wants to do all the things his big brother can do and is very determined. He is very funny, has lots of questions, and is the sweetest.   It has given me great joy to watch these sweet babies grow and grow!"  Karen


ABOUT THE NANNY: They need a present, fun, reliable, and energetic nanny who has experience with children from infancy to school age.  The candidate will need to be proactive who sees a NEED and fill a need, especially as the role begins before they need to be picked up. Someone motivated to go on adventures is a must. Good communication and patience are key. Bonus points for someone who enjoys laundry!  This family is looking for someone long-term and treats the nanny as if they are part of the family.

RATE: Up to $40 +/- per hour, depending on experience.

HOURS: 1p to 6:30p, Monday - Friday, with the option to start at 12:30p if the nanny desires.

START DATE: As soon as the right candidate is found, ideally by January 2023.

LONGEVITY: Long-term role.


TRAVEL:  Throughout the year, they enjoy traveling and visiting family all over the US. They have a shared family home in Aspen, where they spend a month at a time. Their families are in New York, Texas, Colorado, and North Carolina, and they would love a nanny who would love going with them, especially on their upcoming trip to Hawaii this winter.


-Guaranteed hours

-Paid Holidays 

-Paid sick time

-2 weeks PTO

-Mileage reimbursement, when three children need to be taken out, the family car will be provided


Montlake Family Assistant Needed

My newest clients in the Montlake neighborhood of Seattle are looking for a warm-hearted nanny/family assistant for their almost 2-year-old little girl and, eventually, her brand-new baby brother. This little one is truly the sweetest girl who loves walking around the Arboretum, discovering new flowers, and saying hi to neighborhood pets.  She is curious and lively and needs a companion on her adventures. She enjoys the neighborhood park (especially the slide!), books, and music classes.  She loves her newborn baby brother who is just a few days old.  One of their favorite things to do as a family is spending quality time together, and the simple things like going on walks to get coffee on the weekends, trying new places to eat, and visiting grandparents. Their home is a stone’s throw from the Arboretum, a short walk to a park, and the backyard is fenced for lots of activities. They have a mini labradoodle, Boone, who is trained and great with the kids. They are excited to create a long-term relationship with someone who can help as their family grows!


ABOUT THE NANNY:  They are looking for an experienced nanny who is nurturing, thoughtful, gentle, and patient. While mom will be home, dad’s demanding work hours mean they’re seeking someone to assist mom during the day.  Someone with a calm demeanor is ideal for this role. The ideal person would be someone who would take her on neighborhood walks, read, talk, play music, and create engaging activities. They are looking for someone responsible and dependable.  They need their nanny to be organized, detail-oriented, and proactive when taking care of things that come up during the day.  Working as a team with mom may mean helping to run errands, walk the dog, or prepare a meal. Eventually, the nanny would help with their newborn, so infant experience is a must. 


FAMILY VALUES: Their core values emphasize trust, honesty, kindness, commitment, reliability, and hard work. 


HOURS: They are flexible, though they are thinking the hours from 9-1p would be ideal, 3-5 days a week, falling Monday through Friday. Occasional weekend nights would be amazing for the occasional date night. 


RATE: Around $35 an hour, depending on experience and skill set. This is a legally paid position.



-Guaranteed hours

-Paid holidays

-Paid sick time

-2 weeks PTO


START DATE: As soon as the right candidate becomes available.


LONGEVITY: Looking for a long-term relationship.



-CPR/First Aid certified and or willing to do so before the start date

-Non-smoking, vaping, or drugs of any kind

-Willing to stay up-to-date on vaccines

-2 years of experience with infants and toddlers with glowing references

-Will offer this family the best and complete care for their children with love, nourishment, and guidance; and make sure the health, well-being, education, and safety of their children are never jeopardized

-Will support children by providing physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual play to ensure proper development

-Always maintain good, open, and honest communication with parents

-Will be attentive to children's needs


Mukilteo Nanny Needed

A family in Mukilteo is looking for a nanny for their 2.5-year-old son and his brother, who will be 6 months when the position begins in November. This family loves to spend time playing in their backyard, finding local farms to pick fruit and berries at, and visiting the local parks and beaches.   On the weekends, you can find them fishing, hiking, or going for a bike ride – they are excited to introduce their love of camping to their children when they are a bit older.  Their oldest is very easygoing, enjoys making others smile, and loves getting out and about. He absolutely loves his cars and trucks and has taken a great interest in art as well. 

FAMILY VALUES: This family's core values embrace honesty, kindness, and continuing education.

ABOUT THE NANNY:  They would love an attentive, nurturing, and caring nanny that has experience with infants and toddlers.  They are looking for someone who can assist their littlest in reaching their milestones.  Someone who is creative, playful, warm energy, and can nurture their boys is a must.  They need someone who finds themselves to be reliable and punctual, as both parents are physicians.

HOURS: 40 hours a week across three long days and one 1/2 day, with the shifts falling Monday through Friday.

START DATE: On November 20th; open to starting two weeks prior. 

LONGEVITY:  For the foreseeable future (years to come).

RATE: Up to $35 per hour, depending on expereince.


-guaranteed hours

-paid accrued sick time

-paid holidays

-mileage reimbursement

-2 weeks PTO

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