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Mount Baker Summer Nanny Needed 

My returning clients in Mount Baker are looking for a summer nanny for their two energetic children, who will be 7 and 10 years old. As a family, they enjoy playing board games together and watching movies. They love attending sporting events and spending time together outdoors. Both children love to be outside, and the family would like to see the children spend their summer getting out for adventures with their nanny. Their oldest child will be 10 by summer; he loves sports and stays active for a big part of the day. When he’s not playing football, baseball, or basketball, you can catch him practicing with his yo-yo or racing go-karts. Their soon-to-be 7-year-old daughter actively tries to keep up with her big brother and is discovering her passions in life. She enjoys writing, math, art, and crafts, and performing (acting/singing/music). Both children enjoy the beach, swimming, and playing outside games like badminton, tag, and hide-and-seek. Their family has a super sweet dog who is potty trained and mostly hangs out in the living room or fenced backyard.

FAMILY VALUES: Above everything else, they believe in kindness. They also believe in good manners and authoritative parenting (rules with freedom). They allow screen time (of course) but try to limit it and encourage exercise, activities, and imaginative play.

FROM THEIR PAST NANNY:  "Working with this family was a wonderful experience!  The kids are funny and outgoing and will make you laugh every day! Their family is kind and helpful as they want to make sure their kids-- and you-- have the best summer ever!"

ABOUT THE NANNY: They are looking for a creative, energetic, and adventurous nanny that would enjoy taking the children outdoors for adventures around the neighborhood, creating memories this summer. Their hope is to find a nanny who will prioritize getting the children out of the house for visits to the beach, splash parks, parks, pools, etc. Someone who is comfortable taking the children swimming is a must. The ideal nanny would be reliable, enjoy being outdoors, be willing to play with the children outside, and be comfortable taking the dog on walks with the children when needed.

START DATE: Mid-June 2023

HOURS/DAYS: Full-time 40 hours per week, five days

RATE: Around $30

LONGEVITY: Mid-June to early September, though they are flexible around college schedules


- Guaranteed hours

- Legally accrued sick leave

- Mileage reimbursement

Washington Park (Seattle) Nanny Needed

A Washington Park (Seattle) family that is new to the area is looking for a dedicated, kind, and professional nanny to care for their 9-year-old son. They are moving into the neighborhood after living abroad in London. They are excited to check out local restaurants, breweries, parks, and of course, the beautiful PNW. Their son has Autism, and responds well when actively engaged. He also does well with both male and female creative energies. He is a happy soul who loves climbing, running around, swimming, riding bikes, and going on adventures; and in London, he loved visiting farms – as the animals have a calming effect. He does well when boundaries are set in a kind yet firm way.

FAMILY VALUES: They value honesty, transparency and trustworthiness first and foremost. Secondly, a good work-life balance is key for them as they like to work hard and also have fun. They strive to live in the moment and not sweat the small stuff.

ABOUT THE NANNY: The ideal candidate is invested in the well-being of their son. Someone who enjoys going out to local parks, going for walks, and is interested in all things outdoors would be a great fit. They would like their caregiver to be very reliable, dedicated, energetic, and knowledgeable of different activities in the area.

START DATE: As soon as the right candidate(s) are found.

LONGEVITY: Long-term.

RATE: They are prepared to offer a market rate; please share your desired rate in the application.

HOURS: There are three options, and they can be flexible regarding the number of days. Please share your desired hours in the application. Finding the right fit is key. They can hire two providers if needed.

Option 1: Monday through Friday, 7a-9a, and three afternoons falling between Monday through Friday, 3-6p or 3-8p.

Option 2: Just mornings, Monday through Friday, 7a to 9a. This could be four to five mornings a week.

Option 3: Just afternoons, two to three a week, 3p-8p, though hours could end closer to 6p.


-Guaranteed hours

-2 weeks PTO

-Paid holidays

-Accrued sick pay

-Mileage reimbursement

-A car can be provided

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