The Nanny Consultant™, Kyla Lopez has been assisting families in finding nannies for over a decade.  It wasn't until 2014 that she decided to make this her profession as it comes so naturally to her.   She was a nanny for 16 years and knows the industry inside out.  Kyla recently won the ParentMap Golden Teddy Award in July 2016 and was also in the top 5 for both 2017, 2018, and 2019.  She won the People Love Us On Yelp award in 2017. She provides the highest level of customer service to both parents and caregivers.   She has been told that she has the fastest response time in the industry for both parents and nannies.  It is not about sending over a vast number of applicants to her,  it is all about sending over the right applicants. 

The Nanny Consultant™, Kyla Lopez,  provides families with placement services for Nannies, POD Tutors/Teachers, Private Educators, Family Assistants, Household Managers, Doulas, Night Nannies, and Newborn Care Specialists in the greater Seattle area.  Kyla diligently screens applicants and guides parents through the hiring of a household employee.  She also assists parents in locating a family to create a nanny share  with.  While she can assist with late summer positions, Fall 2020 placements are now taking place.  Choosing The Nanny Consultant makes it simple for you and guarantees you will find the best care possible for your family.

Kyla is known for placing quality nannies with quality families.  She also offers a well-written contract to anyone that is need of one for no cost.  Kyla is now serving Tacoma!

Kyla worked with Breedlove for most of her nanny career and didn't think twice about using Homepay with her own nanny.

HomePay, Provided by Breedlove is the nation’s leading payroll and tax firm for household employers. Families that hire a nanny, senior caregiver, or other domestic worker use HomePay’s comprehensive service to ensure their employee is paid accurately and on time each pay period. The company also prepares and files federal and state tax returns for each client and handles the year-end tax requirements, including preparing a W-2 for the employee.


The company was founded in 1992 by Bill and Stephanie Breedlove after they experienced difficulty figuring out how to pay their household employee legally. Understanding there was a nationwide need to help families navigate the niche area of household employer payroll and taxes, they emphasized client service as a key component to the company’s structure.  

Today this remains a staple of HomePay as a group of tax consultants is available to answer any question a client has related to their account. Clients are also given their own online account so they can make changes to payroll, modify personal information, view pay stubs for past pay periods, access tax returns and more.


When a family hires HomePay, they not only free up about 55 hours of work they would have to do themselves, but they also ensure their employee gets the benefits he or she deserves. This includes access to unemployment benefits if they are ever let go due to no fault of their own, credit with the Social Security Administration toward retirement and a traceable employment history which increases the chances the employee with qualify for a loan.


Additionally, the family will have access to tax breaks that can offset the majority, if not all of, their employer taxes. And HomePay is happy to walk anyone through these processes. Families are welcome to call for a free, no-hassle consultation. They’re here to help families and provide a solution that keeps them focused on the needs of their loved ones instead of figuring out how to be a tax expert.


To learn more go to www.myHomePay.com/TheNannyConsultant for more information!

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